Friday, September 07, 2007

The Online Dating Survival Guide

This information will enable you to present yourself in your most attractive light so that you can create the opportunity to meet and attract many potential cyberdates. Maybe you have tried internet dating and it didn’t work for you. Maybe you didn’t create the best profile, try the best site, or maybe you weren’t even sure what you were looking for. Let this book assist you in finding your perfect match. We would like to take you through the steps of creating a dynamic profile that attracts the person you want to meet.

We will review various internet dating services in detail in an effort to help you select the site that works best for you. We will prepare you for the cyberdating pit-falls to avoid when you start making connections. We have interviewed hundreds of cyberdaters and shared many of our own personal cyberdating experiences in hopes that ! you will not repeat some of our early mistakes. The large majority of cyberdaters that we interviewed are very positive about this exciting refining process that often leads to their perfect match. This process leads to great self-discovery, many lifetime friends and a lot of fun along the way.


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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Truth, Lies, and Online Dating: Secrets to Finding Romance on the Internet

Online dating represents an amazing new way to meet people, but it requires technology skills in addition to social skills. "Truth, Lies, and Online Dating" shows you how you can effectively use your PC, digital camera, word processor and other PC-based tools to effectively market yourself and communicate who you are -- and who you are looking for. It teaches the mechanics of online dating services and shows you how to put each service's search engines to work to find the best dates.

Learn how you can try services first without having to subscribe, and how to find dating sources that match your lifestyle. Finally, you'll explores the darker side of online dating, learning how to spot people who may not be telling the truth about themselves and even using background check services to verify the identity of the person you are interested in.

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Fine, I'll Go Online!: The Hollywood Publicist's Guide to Successful Internet Dating

It only takes one, but finding one you click with can be tough. These days, more and more women are deciding to go online to find love. In this fun yet informative guide, top Hollywood publicist Leslie Oren will give you the tricks of her trade – marketing and creating an image – to help you navigate today’s tangled dating Web to find a match who’s waiting for you.

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