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Tips For Speed Dating

Tips For Speed Dating was written by Francis Lua and writes " Speed dating was introduced in the 1990s. He originally invented speed dating as a way for young Jewish singles to meet other singles. Since the advent of it has become increasingly popular throughout the United States as well as many other countries and in many major cities there are nightclubs hosting speed dating nights.

The basic format of is to invite an equal number of men and women to a location and set up a system where each man has 5-10 minutes to speak to each woman. Generally the women will be seated at a table for two and the men are given one table to start at and have a predetermined amount of time to get to know the woman at this table and determine whether or not they are compatible. After the time limit the woman stay where they are seated and the men move to the next table. This process continues until each of the couples has had their date..

At the conclusion of each date, you check off whether or not you are interested in meeting with this person further and at the conclusion of the night, if your date was also interested in meeting you the event organizers provide you with the contact information for your matches. Speed dating can be a lot of fun but it does move quickly and its best to go into your first speed dating experience prepared. Since speed dating allows you a very limited amount of time to get to know each date making a good first impression are critical. Looks may not be everything but when you are being judged on such a short amount of time looking your best wont hurt. Take care in your appearance on the night of the speed dating event and be sure to smile. A sloppy appearance may result in your date mentally rejecting you before the date even starts and not putting much effort into their answers to your questions or to trying to get to know you.

A polished appearance on the night of your speed dates will ensure that you make an excellent first impression and ensure that your dates are eager to get to know you better. Going into a speed dating situation prepared is also very important. Again your time is limited so now is not the time to engage in a lot of mindless small talk. Take the opportunity to ask engaging, open-ended questions that will really help to determine whether or not you have met a potential match. Also, use this opportunity to ask questions that you know would be sure to eliminate a potential match. For example if you are not interested in dating a smoker, be sure to ask whether or not your date smokes. Knowing what you want to ask ahead of time will ensure that you are asking your dates relevant questions.

Punctuality is also very important to speed dating. You would never want to be late for any date because its impolite to keep your date waiting but in speed dating it could really cost you. Since it moves quickly, you may arrive late to find that your spot has been given away or that you have missed one or more of your dates. Be sure to arrive on time for your speed dates to ensure you dont miss any opportunities.

Speed dating is all about having a good time but its also about finding potential matches so while you are on your dates, answer questions honestly and be yourself. The more honest you are during the dates the more likely you are to find a well suited match. Giving answers just because you think they are what your date wants to hear could result in the matches you find not really being your type. While they might be fun to date for awhile they probably wont be a good long term match for you. Once you have made a few potential matches, do not wait too long after your speed dates to contact those matches. Both you and your dates may have made several matches that night and it may be difficult to remember much detail about each date. The sooner you contact them the more likely it is that both of you will remember the details of your date.

Exercising caution is another important tip for speed dating. While your contact information is only given out if both you and your date indicate that you are a match, first impressions can sometimes be wrong so be careful with those you choose to make contact with after the speed date. Try setting up future dates in well populated, public places so that you will not be exposing yourself to unnecessary danger. Speed dating is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet potential matches. It can be a very fun experience and following the tips provided above will help to allow you to have a good time, meet a wonderful partner and remain safe.

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Francis Lua Find out more information at at my website which is at

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Getting The Most From A Romantic Relationship

Getting The Most From A Romantic Relationship was written by Alan Detwiler and writes "Romantic relationships happen because of the hopes and dreams a couple has for a happy life together. Being concerned with what is good about the relationship is what makes the relationship good. Being too concerned with the problems that a relationship has will take away from the enjoyment that the relationship can provide.

This article suggests ways for staying aware of what makes your romantic relationship worthwhile.

Don't Expect Too Much --

Don't expect a perfect relationship. That happens only in fairy tales. If you expect everything to be wonderful, it makes your relationship less valuable by comparison. Problems will occur. You will get hurt. Don't be so concerned with the problems that you loose awareness of what is good in the relationship..

Romance and love will more likely happen if you allow them to happen instead of making them a goal. If you make love the goal, you will compare how the relationship is now to what you think it should be. You will be continually disappointed. Making the relationship better should be the goal. Pay attention to treating each other fairly and helping each other. If love happens, it will be based on believing that both of you can continue to build a good relationship.

Your attitude should signal the other person that you will try to patiently work through each other's shortcomings. It won't be easy. Being tolerant and non-condemning is a challenge. But consciously making an effort to be tolerant goes a long way.

Build Upon What Is Good --

Find activities that you both like and do them together. These can be activities such as gardening, cooking, hobbies, conversation, recreation, an interest in art, charity volunteering, and family activities. Having interests that are shared, keeps a couple involved in each other's lives.

Share ideas to find ways to more enjoy living. Tell your sweetheart about strategies you use for such things as achieving goals and enjoying yourself. Tell each other about what you think is interesting, what is worthwhile, and what is encouraging. If you share positive ideas, you will think of each other as pleasant and enjoyable.

Encourage your partner to act and make decisions. Both of you will be able to accomplish more with the other's support and encouragement. When there is a disagreement, be patient. If you need to criticize, offer a positive alternative rather than a condemnation. Your encouragement likely will produce more good results than will your objections.

The good things in life are much more important than the disappointments. Reward yourself for the good in what you are doing and take some time to do what you enjoy.

Alan Detwiler is the author of the ebook Date Ideas: Fun Things To Do For Couples available at He has a web site with a section about fun things to do for couples at ideas.htm.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dating Tip: Just be Yourself

Dating Tip: Just be Yourself was written by Charles Cuninghame and he writes "The advertising industry has a lot to answer for I reckon. Just take a good look at the next ad you happen across. See the happy, healthy people, well off, well dressed, sexy and without a care in the world. Now compare them to yourself. Feeling inadequate yet? Good. Now go off and buy the product being advertised.

Feeling better? No? Well there's probably another product you can buy in the endless grind to have the perfect life. But when you get bored and tired with this pointless routine you can just stop and relax, safe in the knowledge that you are already perfect.

That's right – perfect. Sure there may be a few areas of your life that could be improved, a few tweaks here and there. But never lose sight of the fact that you are a unique and special individual. Take time to cultivate this attitude and to identify any negative beliefs and question them to see if they are based in reality..

In the dating game so many of us think we have to project an idealised "perfect" version of ourselves. This is a major error. For starters you will be entering into a relationship under false pretences. You will waste a lot of energy trying to cover up what you perceive to be your undesirable qualities and your facade is bound to crack eventually.

The only way to be in a relationship, is to be yourself. A strong sense of self is very attractive. Most people don't like playing games or wading through bullshit to find the true you. The quietly confident are perceived to be intriguing, even sexy. Just have some faith in yourself and you can't go wrong.

So learn to love yourself, warts and all, and you will bring a lot more love into your life. Oh, and try to ignore advertising as much as possible.

Charles Cuninghame is a website copywriter and SEO copywriter in Sydney, Australia, and an online dating advocate.

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Dating Relationships and Your Future

Dating Relationships and Your Future was written by Lee Wilson and he writes "How Your Dating Life Could Affect Your Marriage

If you've ever wanted motivation to work on your semi-serious dating relationship, here's some: Experts say that people who are able to sustain lasting relationships before they marry stay married longer and are more likely to be married for life than those whose pre-marital relationships don't last very long. That means that by working on your current relationship, even if you don't end up marrying that person, you are contributing to the success of your future marriage.

Relationships aren't always easy. In the beginning, the level of passion and excitement you feel for the other person drowns out the things that aren't so desirable. You are so excited about being around him that you quickly forget about his annoying humming and the fact that he disagrees with you politically. But, as with all relationships, the new eventually wears off and what didn't bother you before becomes a major annoyance or issue..

The change is due to the ever increasing intimacy between the two of you. The more you are around each other, the more the "little things" began bothering you. This isn't all bad. It means that you care. When something on TV annoys you, you simply turn the channel because you have no commitment or intimacy to the channel or the person annoying you on the screen. But when you have even small levels of commitment and intimacy you have greater potential to become disturbed by some of the other person's actions because they are a major part of your life.

Expect it

I'm telling you all this so that you can expect annoyances and issues to make your relationship less effortless and natural than it was in its beginning. That's not time to quit. Not only does a human being deserve more from you (and you from another), but you need to "practice" the commitment levels that will be necessary in a marriage.

If you break the relationship off at the first sign of conflict you have hurt youself in two ways:

1. You might have married this person if you had whethered the difficult days and come out even closer to each other than before the trouble began.

2. You didn't allow yourself to learn how to function in a relationship that was experiencing difficulty. When you marry, there will be times of difficulty, arguments, hurt feelings, annoying habits and anger. If you canceled a pre-marriage relationship because it wasn't all "smooth sailing," it will be much more difficult on you when you actually marry and experience friction.

Know When to Fold 'Em

I'm certainly not saying that any relationship should be forced. A person can only stand so much before enough becomes enough. However, I am saying that one of the best indicators of who will make a "good spouse" might be how he or she reacts to conflict in your relationship. If she can't handle a little conflict before marriage, it will be difficult for her to handle it when you're married.

If anything else, consider conflict as a personal challenge. Not a reason to call off your relationship, but an opportunity to test your ability to stay committed despite difficult times. Some will handle this better than others. If you notice a constant pattern of conflict, it might help you decide against continuing your relationship. But the bottom line is, don't give up at the first sign of conflict so that you'll have some experience when it happens in future relationships and so that you don't ditch "Mr. (or Mrs.) Right" because you had a few wrong days.

© 2005 Lee Wilson. All rights reserved.
Lee Wilson is on staff at Family Dynamics Institute. Family Dynamics attempts to prevent marriage problems by helping couples who are already in troubled marriages and by teaching those in good marriages to prevent major issues before they happen. Lee combats marriage problems from another angle with his web site for Christian singles by helping them find compatibility in possible marriage candidates. Lee hopes that his efforts will help to decrease the divorce rate around the world.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Choosing the Best Dating Site for You

Choosing the Best Dating Site for You was written David Kamau and he writes "Choosing the right dating site can be daunting. For one, there are thousands of dating and matchmaking sites on the web. Two, each including popular dating sites, is tailored to meet specific needs or objectives. Three, what's good for one person is not necessarily good (or right) for another.

So, how do you find the best dating site for you? Here are some pointers to help narrow the field and make it easier for you to make the right choice.

1. Know what you are looking for. Are you seeking a serious or casual relationship? If seeking a serious relationship, go to a site that caters to that. If seeking encounters or casual relationships, you'll be wasting time if you sign up with serious relationship sites..

2. Know yourself. This is related to point No.1 above. What things are meaningful to you? What are your passions or hobbies? Know these could help in deciding the type of site best suited for your particular needs (see point No.5).

3. Ask a friend who has done it: This option may not be the best simply because a friend will likely recommend what is right for her/him, which may not be necessarily so for you. But a friend may tell about good or bad experiences with certain website(s).

Caution: if the friend had a bad personal online dating experience or for any reason never succeeded she/he might take the chance to vent, and tell you just how it won't work. Personal experiences are exactly that, personal.

4. Do some good old research: Do a search on your favorite search engine using keywords such as "dating sites", "internet dating sites", "dating site reviews", "online dating websites", "online personals" etc. Not the best way if you are short of time as you may have to weed through hundreds of sites one by one. Reading objective reviews about various dating sites will help farther narrow the field.

5. Which is best, specialty (aka niche) or popular dating site? One more reason you should know what you want. Is religion important to you? Or is ethnicity? What about age? Do you have kids or do you want someone with kids? What about your hobbies/passions? There are specialty and community-based dating sites to cater for almost every need, interest, value or passion (examples: single parents, Asian, catholic, bicycle lovers, military etc).

6. How long has the site been existent? Obviously, a new site will not have that many enough members, or most members will be on trial. Conversely, an older site will have established a large database. Also, that a site has been around for a couple of years or more means it probably is doing something right.

7. Features: Look for sites which offer onsite instant messaging, anonymous email, photo profiles, chat/video chat and other handy features. How do you tell what features are offered without first becoming a paid member? See No.10 below.

8. Sign up with more than one site. The very first site you sign up with may not be best suited for you. Therefore it is important to sign up with three or more to get a feel (see No.10 below on how to do this without first having to pay).

9. Establish a budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend, but be realistic. Free or cheap websites may not provide you with quality service or features. Some websites charge a recurring fee, others a one-time fee, while still others charge by services used.

10. Sign up for free trials: Almost all the popular dating sites offer a free trial period. A free trial allows you to test-drive the site without committing. Never sign up with a site that has no free trial. Free trials differ from site to site. Some sites offer full-featured free trials for a limited time, others offer limited features for a longer or indefinite period and others something in-between.

David Kamau is webmaster of, which reviews dating sites. Find top-rate dating and matchmaking sites with free trials at

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Four Dating Rules You Must Know To Transform Your Love Life

Four Dating Rules You Must Know To Transform Your Love Life has written by Zakaria Adam and he writes "Dating is the first step to love. I am going to give you a simple guide to find your dream-lover. First of all, you will need to call the following basic equipment into full action: brain, eyes, ears, lips and hands. That's all you need, at least in the beginning. Hang on, I know what you are going to say, "are you nuts Zak forgetting the vital ones." Let me clear this mystery once and for all, which has dazzled billions for thousands of years. I am talking about love here. Before feeling the warmth of the fire, it has to be built up from a spark.

Learning to redirect the energy going out and coming into your body through thoughts, vision, hearing, speech and actions in a way which others will find attractive is absolutely critical and is where most tumble. Even moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard is use of energy. It is vital to bring your energy in tune with the wavelengths of your love-interest..

You may ask, "why is it then when I put so much into my relationship with an ex it did not work"? Fair question. Here is a simple tip which will forever change the way you look at people. Do you agree every person has a right to do whatever they want if it is not intruding in anyone else's business? "Yes?" - Correct answer!

Let's look at an example. When you offer to do something for others to the point where they feel like you are not allowing them to make choices of their own, you have intruded on their right to independence. This causes them to resent and think you are trying to enforce your will even though your intentions are completely different. Of course no one should stop doing favors for their lover or helping out. Simply be yourself and allow others to be themselves.

The first and most important rule in love is to respect the individuality of your lover allowing him/her to make own choices. If you make decisions together, consult to show you believe in him/her.

Second love requires effort. Everything in life is determined by how much you put behind it. Sometimes luck may give you an edge, but only those who work on it stay ahead. Have fun and stop treating it like something you need but find inconvenient getting done. Prioritize and put more time and energy behind it like you would behind getting an education or doing a job. Go for it with passion. Believe if not today, there is a tomorrow!

The third rule is to be confident. I cannot stress this rule enough even if I were to hang on a tree upside down for you. "Yeah but I can never gather the nerves", is what you may tell me. There are tons of ways to boost yourself for which I don't even have space to write. I will show you the fastest and easiest way, which is to stop the things which destroy confidence. If you are able to stop negative influences, you will automatically be able to disengage from the battles of life and focus on doing some gardening in your love life. From my experience and research the main reasons because of which people's wills crumble are:

Past experiences
Current relationships
Work environments
Pre-set attitudes
Lack of Communication
Too much negativity. Too little positiveness
Refusal to disengage from battles when victory is more expensive than loss

Each one of us is fully capable of doing whatever our heart desires. Everyone's case is different and you will have to look at specific issues and see where to make improvements. Not all changes are easy and sometimes you may have to choose an option which looks less secure but at least you are exchanging for happiness. What worth is life lived in sorrow?

The last and most important rule is to be ready to change. Only by setting a new course will you be able to steer the heart out of the stormy waters of pain and loneliness. Decide now on what you want? Take a sheet of paper and write down, the questions which have been bugging you, with detailed answers. Empty the sadness, so your mind can think clearly. Are you happy the way you are right now? If you had an opportunity to get to where ever you always wanted to be, are you ready to rise? Are you ready to stand up from the past and build a future? Arise if you believe you deserve better! Remember hardships may come by, but those who pursue the path of their hearts with honest ambition never fail.

You don't have to become a different person overnight. Just starting the process by doing one little thing a day consistently is enough to change the direction of your life. Of course if you have the courage to make whole-scale changes go for it. Most importantly, never look back once you decide to move forward.

Take the above rules to your heart and I will guarantee your love life will explode with more sound and resonance than you ever dreamed. Also keep in mind even though you do need to work on the above to attract the right people don't hold yourself responsible if your previous lovers let you down for something which was not your fault. The rule of Karma is what goes around comes around and they will reap the fruits which they sow. Be reasonable. It is not the end of the world and move on because there is still much more to explore.

You have the tools and the fire of passion to convert desire into reality. Drop the hooks you have been using to fish in the pond of love and look into its waters as the reflection leads to the path from which dreams emerge.

Visit Zakaria Adam at for advice on relationships, dating, romance and Love.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Online Dating Beginners Guide

Online Dating Beginners Guide was written by Jason King and he writes "Online dating. Have you tried it? If not this online dating beginners guide will give you some pointers on whether or not it’s for you. Millions of singles are turning to online dating because they found out it was something they would enjoy, and change the direction of their love life.

Usually the first reason singles choose online dating is they are getting no results looking for singles at bars and clubs. Not only does it become non-productive it can get expensive. One night out can cost more than one months membership at an online dating service. Also once you join a service you are in contact with possibly thousands of singles in your area that you would never had of met in a bar or club.

If you know what you want in someone this can be a big advantage using a dating service. You have more than enough search criteria to choose from to narrow it down to someone very compatible. Even when you are just browsing the personals you can see what another singles good points are, and what they look like..

If you’re getting to the age where you feel too mature to keep doing the bar and club scene you can use and online dating web site that caters for the older single. All ages are covered from middle age to senior citizen. For singles in this age bracket the internet is a perfect way to meet other singles.

If you enjoy using your computer then there’s another reason to start using it to meet other singles. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Online dating services are open twenty four hours a day. You will always find someone online to chat to. Many singles are there to make friends as well. You don’t have to try and start a relationship with everyone. All dating services have public chat rooms, and instant messenger services. You can even start a blog on most of the popular dating web sites now. The more time you have for logging in to your dating service the better it will be for you. Online dating services like activity from singles, and you will get your profile nearer the top of search results.

Online dating is all about communication so if you enjoy communicating with other people you will enjoy yourself. Once you start enjoying yourself this reflects on the way you communicate, and other singles will be attracted to this.

If you fall into any of the categories in this online dating beginners guide, and have been contemplating online dating then it’s time you created a profile at a reputable dating service. You don’t have to pay straight away, they all let you try them out first without you handing over your hard earned cash. Remember online dating is enjoyed by over 50 million singles worldwide.

About The Author
Jason King is the webmaster for The online dating reviews.

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Finding A Quality Free Online Dating Service

Finding A Quality Free Online Dating Service was written by Morgan Hamilton and he writes "When you conduct an online search with the keywords "free dating service online" or "free online dating service" you will get thousands of hits. There are millions of people who seem to be lonely and there is even a whole generation whose only resource to romance is free online dating services. If you are one of the people mentioned above, you shouldn't worry. There are many other people out there who are willing to find a partner, to find their love just as much as you are. Even though according to the free online dating services this is easy and takes no time, you should be ready to wait a bit longer but you shouldn't give up hope as your perfect match is somewhere there waiting for you to find them.

Be careful not to get too much carried away, though. There are many sites which are supposed to offer free online dating services but actually they are not free. Some are not even dating services. For instance, some websites offer you to "meet hot singles" or advertise "sexy girls waiting". These sites might turn out to be a pay per minute phone thing. The cyberspace is full of scamps, so you should be very careful when surfing the Internet..

There are many free online dating services available on the internet but my most favourite one is craigslist. Even though it has a bad reputation for being perverts and fetishists' stomping ground, it is a place where you can find people who meet your interests. Many people use craigslist as a free online dating service because they don't like ordinary online dating services where you should create your personal profile and include information about yourself. Instead of doing so, when using craigslist you communicate through postings which last a few weeks. It is easy to change or delete unwanted postings and you don't need to have membership or give anyone your personal e-mail.

It is a simple public forum where you can find new friends who share your interests or you can set up a date with someone; you can do all that without giving any information about yourself. That's what I call tremendous freedom. There is one difficulty concerning the craigslist as a free online dating service - you can never be sure that the person you are writing to is who they say they are. Of course, it is almost the same with other free online dating service, so you should keep your eyes open. It is best if you keep in touch long enough to be sure that the person you talk to is who they say they are. Another advice I might give you is to arrange your first meeting with these strangers in a public place so that both people would feel comfortable and secure. I would suppose that the person you are going to meet will most probably be okay but it never hurts to be careful.

About The Author
Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning dating. Get more information by visiting

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Kiss Beautiful Women Easily In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Risk Of Rejection

Kiss Beautiful Women Easily In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Risk Of Rejection was written by Kenneth Oboh and he writes "Do you always feel nervous and afraid of rejection whenever you have to "go for the kiss" with a girl? Well, I'm going to tell you how to eliminate this fear and show you the ultimate technique for kissing the girl without getting rejected.

Let's look behind basic female psychology and discover WHY a guy tends to get very nervous kissing a girl in the first place. You see, before a girl will feel comfortable kissing a guy, she has to feel that she can TRUST him. You know that nervous feeling you get deep in your stomach just before you go for the kiss? It's actually a signal to you that the girl is not ready to be kissed by you…BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T BUILT THE TRUST YET!

If you go for it with that nervous feeling, there's a good chance you'll get rejected. Luckily for us, it is very easy to build this crucial "trust" and it can even be done in minutes. Let me show you how..

When you first meet a girl, you have to establish a "physical" relationship very quickly if you're to have any chance of kissing her later. What I mean by "physical relationship" is pretty simple: you just have to get her used to your "touch." You do this by touching her very LIGHTLY on the hand (your first touch should be non- threatening).

Make your first touch seem completely natural. For example, you could just do this by pointing out something while talking to her like, "Hey, check out that picture over THERE," you lightly touch her to show her what you're pointing at. DO NOT look down at what your hand is doing. If you do, you'll draw attention to the touch. You want it to be like you're not even CONSCIOUS of your "contact" with her.

A really good way to establish the first touch (and this is my personal favourite way to do it) is "palm reading." You don't need to be an expert palm reader to do this, just know the basics and have fun reading her palm.

So now, she's used to you touching her hands. Now, you want to move to her elbows. Do the same thing: find a good opportunity to naturally "touch" her elbows. A good example is when she laughs at something you say while chatting: just reach over (again, don't look at what your hand is doing) and lightly touch the OUTSIDE of her elbow. Do this a couple of times and now you've moved her "trust" level (in you) up a bit more.

Next you move up to her hair. Again, find a "playful" opportunity to just reach over naturally to touch her hair and say, "Hey, you know you've got really soft hair, it feels nice when I run my hands through it." And after doing this, BACK OFF and go back to not touching her, just carry on chatting normally.

You see, by "backing off" a bit you give her a little space so she doesn't feel things are moving too fast…BUT because you've already got close to touching HER FACE, she'll feel comfortable if you did it again later. You see, now you've worked your way up to her feeling "trust" in you touching her hair.

You will begin to notice at this stage that you no longer have that nervous feeling in your stomach about kissing her. When you get to this stage, it won't feel so "weird" to imagine kissing her. Do the "hair stage" a couple more times and you're ready to kiss.

But the first time you kiss her, don't put yourself under pressure, just give her a simple PECK on the cheeks, not her lips. Then a little later, go for a peck on the lips, then later, a longer kiss. You see, you should always build up to the BIG "kiss" stage-by-stage and VERY, VERY SLOWLY!

So there you have it: the secret of going for a kiss with almost ZERO risk of rejection. Start putting this technique into practice and watch your success with women go "through the roof!"

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10 Important Easy Dating Rules to Ensure Your Success

10 Important, Easy Dating Rules to Ensure Your Success was written by Roy Barker and he writes "1) Leave the mobile phone off! Do not answer it if it is on Silent either. You should only do this if you are expecting an emergency and I mean an emergency. You only look like a deadhead, self-centred fool answering a phone at a meeting that is important and that goes for all meetings. It's inconsiderate and breeds contempt from the other party even if they agree to you answering it. They're only being polite which you're not, if you do have a ringing phone and answer it. This does not mean leave it at home - you may need it later.

2) Don't smoke anything in the presence of others unless they also smoke and for goodness sake make sure that no one near you is eating. Never smoke in an area where people are eating even if they smoke. You would be a fool to smoke in the presence of your date when they didn't smoke. If you're keen, it may be time to think about not smoking in their presence again..

3) A good rule is not to talk about your achievements unless you are asked. Bragging is more often frowned upon and puts people off early. Show some interest in your date and their hobbies, achievements and interests. If you do this regularly enough, it will become a habit and your good social skills will become very obvious to others including your date.

4) Find some way to compliment them. This is good practise even if you don't think this person is right for you. What goes around comes around! This is also a great building block for social skills improvement.

5) Smart casual attire is always good for the first date. Girls - don't go over the top with jewellery. It looks crass and sometimes cheap! Subtlety is the name of the game here. Boys - don't swear or cuss. It only indicates ignorance and sometimes stupidity. It does not make you look tough. Your actions and the way you deal with life will show how tough you are quickly enough. Most people can find an adjective somewhere in their vocabulary to describe things. You'll find that you can too!

6) Most girls like to be respected and despite their eye lashes fluttering away in some scenarios, they are generally quite bright and one step ahead of you. The more you treat them like your equal in conversation, the more quickly you will identify a good match for you or not.

7) Most boys like to have interest shown in their achievements or interests. In fact, you could just focus on this for the whole date and be safe if you wanted to.

8) Eat like a human being - don't quaff down the food like it's your last meal. Don't fill up. This will ensure that you can feel good about doing something after you've dined i.e. dancing, a walk even consider going to a different venue for coffee, dessert, dancing or a drink perhaps. Mixing you're venues often displays varying behaviour. If your date begins to swing from a chandelier after one drink you may want to consider the future carefully.

9) Boys - if you enjoyed your date, say so at the end of the evening. Follow up with a thoughtful gift such as flowers to her place of work or her doorstep. It does NOT have to be expensive. The surprise is what counts here, along with the fact that you have obviously thought about her since the date. Hand write the card and leave a phone number she can catch you on.

10) Girls - try not to make yourself too available at the end of your first date. But make your feelings clear with an element of subtlety. Whatever you do, do not ask him if he will call again. Your mind set must be one of value and you must tell yourself that if he doesn't call then there will be another who will. I assure you there will!

One more thing - on your first few dates never and I mean never get in a discussion of old boy friends or girlfriends, ex wives or husbands, nor anything to do with these issues - Never!

Publisher & Author: Roy Barker. Roys expertise comes from a lengthy career in the counselling, human resources and corporate arena. He has a popular Dating Site Review Service at which is renowned for it's reviews on the top dating sites and only after they have screened out the others. These are also accurately categorised for your ease of use and selection. By the way, this is a free service.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The First Down Approaching a Woman or Man

The First Down - Approaching a Woman or Man was written By Jaci Rae and he writes "You see a man or a woman who strikes your fancy but you aren't sure how to approach him / her or get to the "first down." This can be a very intimidating and awkward moment, but you can succeed if you are sincere and confident (but not cocky!).

Step 1. Occasionally glance over at him / her and try to catch his / her eye. Tilt your head a bit to the side when you look at him / her. This signals interest to him / her on a subconscious level.

Step 2. Once you have actually made eye-to-eye contact, hold the gaze for a moment, tip your head again slightly to one side and smile with sincerity. But, don't give him / her a "salesman" smile-- the kind that says you are trying to sell something to him / her..

Step 3. If he / she smiles back, you may be receiving the cue to go over to him / her. At this point, keep the flirting going for about five minutes to help you ascertain if he / she is alone or with a girlfriend / boyfriend.

Step 4. If he / she continue to smile each time your eyes meet, get up and walk over to him / her. He / she has signaled at this point that he /she is interested in talking to you, so feel confident that he / she won't refuse to at least speak with you at this point.

Step 5. When you arrive at his / her table or seat, introduce yourself and ask for his / her name.

Step 6. Politely ask if you may sit with him / her and chat for awhile.

Step 7. Start a conversation, asking questions about his / her day and other non-personal information. If you find it hard to think of things to say, get into the habit of reading the newspaper and brushing up on current events before you go out. Also, think about what you discuss with your closest and dearest friend when you are talking about life in general. Apply the same method when speaking with him / her as you would with your closest friend (avoiding cars and sex as the topic of choice). It will bring more ease to your conversation.

If you still feel uncomfortable, practice before you go out next time in front of the mirror, acting as if the reflection were a man or a woman with whom you wanted to speak. Write a script and go over it several times to learn how to speak. But, DO NOT use this script when you are talking to him / her or you will sound as if you are acting or trying to sell him / her something. This is just a practice tool to make you feel better equipped to speak in public to a stranger. All it takes is a little practice and a bit of courage and you will succeed. All the luck to you in your meeting triumphs!

About the Author
Jaci Rae is a #1 Best Selling author of Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time. Book Jaci for your next show: and hit contact button for her publicist.

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Dating Rules You Cant Afford to Break

Dating Rules You Cant Afford to Break was written by Steve Ubah and he writes "If you are single and you want men to desire your company more and truly cherish you, then here are eleven dating rules you cannot afford to break:

1. Never go to bed with a man on the first date - As much as you would like to ravish the hunk you have a crush on, do not let him feel that you are cheap and easy by going to bed with him on your first date. It does not matter that he is promising that he will respect you in the morning, or that the way he feels about you will never change. If you do it, you run the risk of reducing your value to him. Men are more attracted to women they spend time to get to know, than they are to those they quickly jump into the sack with.

2. Never call him first within the first week of your first date - If your date asks for your phone number and does not call you within the first week, do not call him. If a man is interested in you, he will call you during the first week of taking you out on a date. When you call him during that first week before he calls you, you give him that impression that you are overly anxious. The last thing you want is for this new person to feel that you are a little desperate or forward..

3. Never use obscenities - If you curse like a sailor, it will turn off your date, if you let that part of your personality out on your first date. It is a turnoff for most men. It certainly could ruin the chance of someone getting to know how nice you really are on the inside.

4. Never engage in a conversation about marriage on your first date - No matter how much of a good time you are having with your date, do not bring up the topic of marriage, unless your date asks about how you feel about the subject. When a woman brings it up on a date, it creates the impression that you are on a hunt for a husband. Nothing kills a date like a woman who comes across as obviously interviewing men for marriage - trying to find out if they are ready to make that serious commitment. There is a right time for serious conversations - your first date is not the time. Get to know your date first.

5. Never flirt with other men while you are on a date - The cardinal sin of any first date is to flirt with other men in the presence of your date. Do not do it. If you are trying to get your date to see that you can attract other men, flirting with other men in front of him is not the way to do it. It is disrespectful and conveys that you are shallow and untrustworthy. Your date will feel that if you have the gall to flirt now, when you are supposed to be on your best behavior, what will happen when you get hitched up? Most men wouldn't want to find out.

6. Never bring up your ex-boyfriend unless he asks you - Let your past remain in the past, unless your date wants to find out why you broke up with your ex-boyfriend. Never compare your ex with your date, nor refer to something someone else did as something that your ex would do. It simply shows that you have not gotten over him.

7. Do not ask your date how much money he makes - This is definitely a no-no. It shows that you could be a gold-digger, and you do not want that label. Once a man sees that you measure the value of a man by the size of his wallet, you can bet that your date will be turned off.

8. Do not let out the skeletons in your closet - Don't let it be known that you were a drug head or prostitute at one time. Your ugly past, even though you are a new person now, can prevent your date from getting to know who you have become after going through a tough past. Leave the horror stories for when he gets to know you and can easily understand and accept all of you.

9. Don't go out of your way to be funny, just be yourself - Don't start clowning around; pretending to be someone you are not. Don't turn your date into a night of cracking jokes or of proving to your date that you have a fantastic sense of humor. Be yourself and you will do just fine.

10. Do not order the most expensive meal on the menu - Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu at a restaurant shows that you are a potential gold-digger. It also shows that you are greedy. Men love women that are conscious of the cost of things.

11. Do not show him you have a voracious appetite - Just because you are famished does not mean that you should order everything on the menu - super-sized. Most men are turned off by women with huge appetites - men see that as not being feminine and lady-like. Moreover, men feel that if your appetite is this big when he has not gotten to know you, you may swallow a horse when you really get comfortable with each other.

To find out more about what it takes to make men fall madly in love, please visit

Steve Ubah is the author of Passion Keys - A Woman's Ultimate Guide To Unlocking The Love In A Man's Heart. To find out how you can make your man fall madly in love with you, please visit

A note to all publishers: Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine, newsletter or website as long as the article's content is not modified and all links as well as the author's resource box are included.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

10 Tips To Online Dating

10 Tips To Online Dating was written by Michele Oberton and he writes "Years ago, the grocery store was the best place to meet a potential new love interest. Today, online dating is quickly becoming the singles hot spot with individuals around the world looking to meet someone new. Photo profiles that detail personal information is becoming the norm in online dating and gives individuals an opportunity to see what a potential mate looks like on paper before taking the next step.

If you are considering online dating, there are a few tips that can help make the experience a more enjoyable and successful one.

Online Dating Tip # 1 Find someone who shares your common interest, life goals and family preferences. It is important to share some of the same hopes in order for a relationship to be worthwhile..

Online Dating Tip # 2 Use caution when giving out personal information, including your full name, address or telephone number. At first, provide nothing more than an e-mail address.

Online Dating Tip # 3 During casual conversations, look for possible warning signs of control, jealousy or tempers.

Online Dating Tip # 4 If an individual seems to be extremely needy or needs to talk to you every minute, this may be a sign of possessive behavior and should be recognized early. If you notice this happening, move on and find another possible online dating match.

Online Dating Tip # 5 Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's perfectly normal to inquire about marital status, children, hopes, dreams, etc. If someone is uncomfortable with these questions, it's a good indication they have something to hide.

Online Dating Tip # 6 Don't rush. Take the time to get to know someone before you decide that you are comfortable enough to meet them. A relationship takes time to build and there is no reason to rush into anything.

Online Dating Tip # 7 If you learn that someone hasn't been honest about his/her profile or other detail, end the dating potential immediately. Dishonesty is no way to begin a relationship and it makes you question anything else that he/she may be hiding.

Online Dating Tip # 8 With honesty in mind, it is important that you be honest in your profile and with anyone whom you are having an online dating relationship with. If and when the relationship is ready to move to the next level, it will be too late to correct anything that wasn't truthful and the chance of a relationship will likely be lost.

Online Dating Tip # 9 If you plan to meet someone in person, do so in a public place. Preferably, the meeting time would be early in the day or the afternoon. It is never a good idea to meet a perfect stranger at dark or in a secluded area.

Online Dating Tip # 10 Be yourself. Don't pretend to like something or be someone that you are not just to please the other person. If they are the right one for you, there will not be a reason to pretend.

About the Author
Want to learn more about online dating? Make sure you visit our site at: for access to additional online dating tips and information.

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How to Finally Approach the Women You Lust for

How to Finally Approach the Women You Lust for was written by Ranko Magami and he writes "We've all been there. You have been meeting her accidentally in the hall for a long time and every night you go to sleep you dream about her, you've decided a 100 times that you will stop being a wussy and that you will call her out on a date, but the moment you see her your feet are cemented to the floor and your tongue is heavy as it were made of lead. And you feel lost in space!

The usual mistake men will make is try to go for it even though they are already sweating of fear. In majority of cases that approach will not work, why?

When you play a sport the "go for it" attitude is the best for winning a match but women are not the same. If she senses any trace of insecurity in you, or any trace of hesitation she will quickly discard you cause deep in her genes she doesn't want a son that will also be afraid of women..

To get a women attracted to you the first step is to not to be afraid of her, a women will newer mate with a man that is afraid of her cause that means she is mixing her genes with low quality genes, actually she is repelled by a man who is sweating when talking to her.

If a man decides to approach a women to ask her on a date or to just approach and talk, even though he is still feeling fear internally, he will fail and the women will reject him. That will make the men even less confident and when he approaches the next women he will send out a frightened vibe and he will be rejected again.

There are two solutions to the problem. The first solution is to get drunk and go out and meet women, well that is not our solution. We will leave that to our competition. Statistically they will seduce an attractive woman one day, if they live up to the next ice age!

The second solution it to follow step by step exercises which we will present to you which have proven themselves in helping even the most shy men talk and after more practice seduce women they want. Like in everything in life, if you want to be successful you must work hard. But you must also pay attention that you work smart and you must learn from somebody that has been able to achieve success himself. At our company Fidentia we teach men how to be confident and approach women anytime, anywhere and have lots of dates. 50% percent of our seminar is classroom work and 50% is field work where our instructors demonstrate how to approach women and take them for dates anytime, anywhere.

Our instructors are casually dressed and average looking to demonstrate the effectives of our method. Then student follow.

We have discovered that in one day, following certain exercises, you can transform a shy guy into a man that can approach any women and take her out for a date.

If you are interested in doing the same here is one of the exercises that will help you out a lot.

Remember that girl you've seen many times, follow this exercise and raise your confidence and only then approach her do not approach her until you can be calm down and totally relaxed before the actual approach! That is the mistake many men make. They approach the girl of their dreams while they are still not ready and they mess it up and then they do the same with the next girl, until they give up and settle with a woman they are not attracted to.

First I want you to go to a department store. Take a trolly and go to the section where you buy condoms. You must buy condoms cause you are about to get a woman, anyway.

Take a trolley and buy nice condoms.

They put them in the middle of the trolley and walk around the store and check out other accessories. Have only the condoms in the trolley. Can you feel fear blocking you?! Can you feel yourslef getting read like a tomato?! I bet you can.

Don't worry it happens to all of us in the beggining, soon you will destroy that fear and many more!

The store must be a place you usually buy so it is likely they already know you and it is likely you will meet a friend. Now when people will be watching you take care to notice the feeling of uneasiness that is building up inside you. That feeling is your biggest enemy.

Your cheap japanese car and your fake designer chinese clothes are not your enemies. But that feeling is your enemy, it is called your internal blocker.

The internal blocker was put inside you by the society surrounding you so you would think that you need to buy a fancy german sports car and italian suit so you would work more. Imagine if you were able to get rid of that feeling how unstoppable you would become!

Now take a walk around the store and find a women, if she is attractive enough that she gives you guess bumps even without the trolley and your load that's great, but she can be any woman you choose.

Go to a woman and ask her:"Excuse me for disturbing you but could you please advise me what perfume I should buy for a friend of mine, she is having a birthday party tomorrow".

You are accomplishing many things at the moment. First somebody sees that you actually have sex(imagine that!) and you have enough courage not to hide the condoms like a teenager. Then a woman sees that you are invited by another woman to a party. Now that may not mean a lot to us men but it means a world of difference to women.

Men judge women in milliseconds by how they look. Women take a lot longer to judge us men and that is why they like to consider the opinions of other women. This way you will create an illusion that other women like you also and she will instantly like you more, unimaginable but true. Anyway soon other women will call you to parties but you must make up this first initial boost.

Listen to what she tells you. The mission is not to seduce her cause having condoms in your basket and seducing women at the same time is not for you jet, but the mission is to destroy many fears and blockers in your mind. Can you feel your new power! If the fear gets too strong and you cannot do it just repeat this many times: ?People will see that I do get laid, what kind of fear is that. I will destroy it now !"

Good you are well on your way.

After you accomplish the mission rememeber that you just touched the tip of the tip of the iceberg but that is more that most of men do in their whole lives. To continue destroying the blockers in your mind visit Fidentia's website and follow more guidelines, enjoy!

Fidentia© Copyright 2005. Ranko Magami

Ranko Magami who has the online nick Shark on message boards is known for teaching a style called direct to students around the world in live workshops that take place in nightclubs, bars and shopping malls.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dating for Men

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dating for Men was written by Teddy Shabba and he writes "When it comes to not having success with women, for men it usually comes down to committing one of these Seven Deadly Sins of Dating.

You Give Her Flowers or Candy:

This is perhaps the most deadly of all sins when dating a woman. Flowers and candy tell a woman that you give up and that she has captured your heart and devotion forever. While it is true that perhaps you don't feel that way that's what candy and flowers tell a girl so when she gets them early on in dating it means you are either a loser or a really bad liar and for men that equals a lose-lose situation..

You Give Away Your Power, Especially to Her:

You always want to come across as strong and in control when you are with a woman. The moment you give in to a woman's demands it lets her know that you are not as strong and in control as she thought. If she can easily take your power then she also knows that when a real threat arises then he also will be able to take your power as well.

You are Predictable:

Women Love a challenge. If every time you go out she has no idea what is going to happen it creates excitement and attraction in seeing you. Whereas when a woman knows what is going to happen she becomes very bored.

You Limit Yourself:

Many men settle for women that are less than they deserve or want because of their own limiting beliefs and thoughts.

Many more men simply limit the type of women they go after to those women with whom they know they like.

Women come in all different types of flavors until you know that you don't like a different type keep your eyes open to all opportunities.

You Act too Interested:

The more interest you show in a woman the less interested she becomes in you. Part of any woman's attraction to you is based on your disinterest. Reveal your interest too soon and you will lose her.

You Keep Calling Her:

You only talk to a woman on the phone to set up a meeting or a date. Once you are face to face with her is the time you use to spend getting to know her doing it over the phone just lets her know how scared of rejection you really are and real women don't find insecure men attractive.

You Are a Negative Person:

Women love to bitch but hate bitches. Never complain or be negative even if she is. Your goal is to have a fun and exciting time in a positive way, although putting people down or speaking bad about someone might seem like fun it really isn't and a woman will pick up on this and associate whatever type of feelings you show her with you. If you speak positively she will see you as a positive person IF you speak negatively she will see you as a negative person.

Overall the Seven Deadly Sins of Dating comes down to your inner game, the higher your self-esteem and belief system is the less likely you are to commit one of these seven deadly sins of dating. However considering that you are just beginning on your quest to improve yourself or not it would be wise to remember them so that the women that you are dating will also get the sense that you have a strong inner game and in turn find you much more attractive.

Teddy Shabba is a Dating Coach for Men and creator of Dating Advice and Tips for Men which provides an abundance of information for men on dating and more. If you would like more information on how to attract, seduce and meet women sign up for the Teddy Shabba
Dating Advice Newsletter for Men today.

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Good Places to Meet Excellent Men

Good Places to Meet Excellent Men was written by Terry Hernon MacDonald and writes "So, you're convinced that you have zero opportunities to meet men.

Are you stuck in an office all day with the same stiffs day in and day out? Have you tried singles' dances, only to leave feeling worse than when you went in? Did the last loser your aunt set you up with squash your Chihuahua when he screeched up the driveway?

Well, don't fret. I have some ideas for you. While advice columnists steer single women into churches to meet honest, loyal, and successful men, I wouldn't dream of it. Church is great for communing with God, but it never struck me as the best place to meet a man. People, including me, are on our best behavior at church. If you'd rather meet a man where he's more likely to be himself, here are my top three recommendations:

1. A bar, specifically during Monday Night Football. Football season is a great time to meet men who flock to taverns to watch the NFL. When I was single, I loved going to Monday Night Football (even though I didn't really understand the game) because the bar was filled with mostly single men, there was a free buffet, and the atmosphere was merry. Advice columnists usually tell women to stay out of bars if they want to meet suitable men, but I disagree. It's important to see how a man drinks, and how he behaves under the influence of alcohol. Does he get wasted and drive home? Or, does he have a couple of beers and switch to water before he leaves? Does he smack the bartender in the head when his team loses, or does he remain amiable? There are things you can learn in a bar about a man that you never will in church. Bring a friend with you and make having fun, not hooking up, your first priority. You may have to show up three weeks in a row before anybody shows interest in you (or, then again, maybe not). Keep in mind that different bars attract different types of people. If you don't like the crowd in one bar, try another place next time.

2. A class. I know, I know. You've heard this one before, but have you ever tried it? Let me tell you a story: My friend Brian's longtime girlfriend dropped him for another guy. After grieving for a while, he dusted himself off and signed up for a cooking class. See, Brian loves to cook, but he put off pursuing formal training while he was with What's-Her-Name. Once she was out of the picture, though, he decided to register for a course, figuring he'd meet many likeminded women there. Sure enough, he did. I advise you to write down a list of hobbies you'd like to explore and figure out which of them would also appeal to men. Then sign up for a class or join a club. See what happens.

3. Throw a party. While Brian did meet lots of women at the cooking class, he didn't fall in love with any of them. So he threw a party where he could show off his new skills. He wasn't picky about who he invited and told everybody to bring a friend or two. The result? A woman he'd never met showed up. They fell in love and have been married now for two years. But even if Brian hadn't met his future wife that night, hosting that party netted him plenty of invitations to others, providing opportunities to meet many more people. A caveat: When you plan your party, don't exclude married friends from the guest list. You don't want your big night to feel like a singles' mixer. Instead, invite couples and encourage them to bring a friend.

Remember, the trick to meeting new men is to break up your routine. Step one: Put down the remote. I assure you that the world is full of great single men like Brian who want to meet someone special, and for one of those men, that person is you. Seek and create new social situations. Act naturally. Smile. Whatever you do, don't keep twisting your neck like you're casing the place for a live one. Maintain eye contact with whomever you're talking to, whether it's a man or a woman. Having fun is key. When you're having fun, you'll attract men like a magnet.

About The Author
(c)Terry Hernon MacDonald. The author of the ebook "How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams," Terry Hernon MacDonald writes frequently about dating and relationships. After bumping her way through a series of disastrous dates and relationships, she learned how to attract a man who makes her happiness his first priority. They have been married for 12 years. Visit Terry's website at

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dating Fun with Four Conversation Secrets

Dating Fun with Four Conversation Secrets was written by Austin Barnes and writes "Do you want a date filled with awkward silence or an evening full of conversation fun? Your conversation abilities will make the difference. Four conversation secrets will put you on the path to dating fun.

Secret #1: Take 3 Minutes to prepare.

Three minutes will unlock your ability to have a great date. Take a moment and mentally come up with four or five conversation topics and four or five conversation questions. Your topics and questions can include: -Personal experiences -Family -Joke -Recent events -Hobbies -News items -Etc..

Whenever a silent pause creeps up, you zap it. Either ask a question or share one of your topics. This brings up more discussion and more fun. All it takes is three minutes to prepare.

Secret #2: Find connections or things in common.

A fun conversation happens when both parties are talking on a subject they are both interested in. Look for things you both have in common or enjoy talking about.

At first you may not know what you both enjoy talking about. Quickly find this out with three steps: 1.Ask questions. 2.Listen for a connection. The other person may mention they enjoy movies. If you also enjoy movies, take a mental note. 3.Bring out the connection. Ask questions about the connection. Mention that you are also interested in that area.

Friendships are based on connections or things you have in common. As you discover connections, your friendship will deepen and the fun will intensify.

Tip #3: Show interest by asking questions and listening.

Do you want to impress the other person? Do you want to leave a great impression? Do you want to quickly make friends?

There is a simple way. Ask questions and listen. By focusing your spotlight of interest on the other person, they will talk, enjoy the date, and so will you.

A great practice is to count to five after the other person finishes talking. Often they will say more. You will leave a great impression and it will help keep you relaxed.

Tip #4: Relax, enjoy, have fun.

Relax-this is the key to a good date. Don't feel like you have to force conversations. Just have fun.

Laugh at yourself. Show emotion. This will help break the ice. Many dates will have some awkward moments. Just accept it and keep applying the four secrets.

Instead of focusing on leaving a great impression, focus on applying the four secrets. You will then leave a great impression and have an awesome fun filled date!

About the Author
Austin Barnes has developed the Conversation Success System which reveals how to have Great Conversation Skills in Less than Hour. A free email course called "10 Conversation Tips" is found here:

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Overcoming Your Nervousness About Talking to Women

Overcoming Your Nervousness About Talking to Women was written by John Alexander and he writes "Standing at the magazine rack thumbing through Cosmo, she has the most gorgeous face you've ever seen. Her hair is silky blond. Her skin looks so radiant and so incredibly soft. You would be on top of the world if you could pick her this girl up.

You feel the nervousness.
You know that even if you got your balls in gear and went for it, you wouldn't know what to say. You feel so nervous and fumbly that you would reject yourself if you were her. So you shy away from even approaching her in the first place.

Does this situation sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

The first thing for you to realize is that all guys get anxiety about approaching women. I know I certainly do..

But what separates you (and me) from the rest of the guys is...

What You Do About Your Fear
Most guys let fear paralyze them... not just about chicks, but about other things in their life like their career... which is why, unfortunately, most guys will never find the success that they want.

First, look at where your fear comes from. The problem is inside of you. It's not with the chicks.

If you're thinking about rejection, then that means you're making your approaches with a certain outcome in mind (I'm just guessing, but I think if you're like most guys, your goal is getting chicks attracted to you so that you can get laid).

Try this instead... approach without having any expectations. No goals.

Let me tell you about a problem I used to have. I'm inclined to be an introvert, as I discuss in my book "How to Become an Alpha Male."

So to overcome my shyness, I would force myself to chat up everybody, no matter who they were... hot girls, ugly girls, fat girls, old people, men, children, people walking dogs, etc.

I would talk about neutral topics with them, nothing to do with picking up chicks.

The net result from all of that was I became really good at approaching people.

After that, however, I made a mistake. I said to myself, "Since I'm so good at approaching people and have become an outgoing person, why am I wasting time talking to anyone other than hot babes?"

So then I limited the people I talked to... and my anxiety about talking to random women swept over me once again. It was as if I'd never had all that practice chatting up strangers in the first place.

At that point I realized it was because I was outcome-dependent. Because I had thoughts like "I'm going to try to lay this chick" in my mind... before I'd even opened my mouth to say "hi"... and so I would crash and burn. It sucked.

Here's something I want you to try. Whenever you go out, talk to three people, but do it just for practice. Don't do it for real.

Because it's just for practice, don't limit yourself to just talking to hot women. In general, I've found that elderly people (both males and females) and fat women are easy to talk to.

If it helps, set up a time limit for your practice interactions, like that you'll talk to the person for 30 seconds and then you'll get out of the conversation. (Say something like, "Well, I'm on my way to meeting a friend. Good chatting with you." And then walk away without making a big deal of it.)

Another trick a friend of mine told me was to think of something funny before you chat up a stranger. Tell yourself a joke as you're walking toward them and then laugh. That'll put you in a good mood when you talk to the person.

Once you've done your practices and feel warmed up, then you can chat up hot chicks. Again though, do it without having any sort of sex-related outcome in mind. For example, if a chick passes by you in a hallway, just say, "Hey, I need a quick female opinion on something." (Then ask about something that you genuinely want a female opinion on.)

Remember though: have no outcome in mind. So it doesn't matter if the chick responds rudely.

In fact, when you reach a point that you've chatted up lots of women, you'll find that eventually rude responses on their part mean nothing. You'll have an attitude of "ha, how original... I've had tons of women give me that exact same 'clever' rude comment."

I've been rejected hideously, time and time again. One chick screamed "Go away!" at me before I could even get out my initial sentence.

Another time I thought it was amusing when I approached a group of two girls, just for practice, and right after I said "hey," they both turned their backs on me in unison, as if they were synchronized dancers!

Another time a chick got some guy to try to start a fight with me just because I talked with her. I managed to get away without fighting, but I felt like a total chump afterwards.

But now I just look back on all of that and laugh.

So anyway, the point is that the more you approach, the more you'll reach a level where you notice that most people act in the same, predictable ways. It'll bore you rather than cause you anxiety.

Think of it as trying to build a house. You put down one brick at a time and cement it. Brick, cement. Brick, cement. It'll take a long time, but eventually, the walls will be up (which means you've finished the hard part).

To get a bit more psychological, there's really no such thing as "being nervous," like it's something genetic. You don't "get nervous," like it's some kind of flu virus that invades your body.

All feelings of nervousness come from within. You have a certain series of thought processes that you go through. You say things to yourself. (When you think thoughts like, "I would reject myself," it sets you up for failure!) You picture the chicks rejecting you. You feel tense in your body. And so on.

So what you can do to break this is to identify it for what it is.

Notice your negative thoughts and change them. Instead of thinking, "Oh my God, this chick is going to act snotty to me because I fumble my words"... think, "It's awesome that I'm making this approach, because if this chick rejects me, that means I've gotten her out of the way and I'm one step closer to finding my dream girl."

Notice where you feel tense in your body, and then let your muscles relax in those areas. For me, I feel tense in my jaw and face when I'm nervous. So when I relax my jaw and facial muscles, it alleviates a lot of my tension.

Finally, there's one more way to reduce anxiety that I got from Tony Robbins. Before you approach a woman, you visualize the situation as if it has already occurred and you've just been rejected by her.

But you know what? Even when you get rejected, that's a good thing, because at least you went for it. Every rejection brings you one step closer to success. Every rejection makes it that much easier to making conversation, since it desensitizes you to the whole thing.

So concentrate on how you'll feel afterwards and approach her as if the rejection has already occurred (and you feel happy for it), rather than focusing on what's going on before you've even made your approach.

I'll wrap it up for you by concluding with this advice:

1) Be social for the sake of being social. Nothing else.

2) Remember that the only way to get over your fear is by doing the thing you fear. The more you do it, the easier it gets, because your attitude about the experiences will become, "Been there, done that, it's no big deal."

John Alexander is author of How to Become an Alpha Male, a dating success guide for men. Find out more about how this guide can help you by visiting

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Safe Places To Find A Potential Date

Safe Places To Find A Potential Date was written by Gabby Love and he writes "Getting back in the dating scene should be a gradual one and should be on your own terms. Don't stress about finding someone to intermingle with of interest and not knowing where to look. It's time to take the blinders off . Gabby Love at offers key tips that will guide you in exploring a new arena of life.

Bus Stops / Rail: Hey don't laugh and don't judge. With the gas crunch being the way it is there are all types of people taking public transportation. It's relatively safe and if you are brave enough to look around you may see a real "diamond"..

Grocery Store: People have to eat. Now this is the perfect place to meet great potentials. Icebreaker Tip...Ask for help or advice about anything and you will be surprised at how quick a conversation strike up especially if you spy a cutie standing in a long line...go for it !

Airplanes: Hey the gods could really be with you if you are seated next to a great potential interest for a long trip. Both of you are going to the same destination with on the spot customer service from the flight attendant. Take advantage and just may be surprised.

Laundromats: Believe it or not this is a definite favorite of mine since being dressed up is not at all needed. People are relaxed and there is a little time to chat while waiting.

The above are safe and effective ways to intermingle with others without having to feel pressured. Just open your eyes, look around,and smile.

About the Author
Gabby Love offers in depth reviews and recommendations concerning relationships,sex,and entertainment. Visit some of the sites reviewed by Gabby Love at, , ,and .

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How To Approach Women

How To Approach Women was written by and they write "Now, let's start at the very beginning, what's the first thing you have to do before starting a conversation with a girl? Yeah, right, approach her! That's the first step you have to take - how to approach woman. Succeed in this direction and you can move on to the conversation part or else, kiss your chances with this particular girl good bye.

So, how do you approach a girl? Is it easier if she is alone as compared to being with a group of friends? What about you? Prefer to have your friends around too (to sort of act as a booster to your bravado) when you approach her or you operate better solo? Or probably you would prefer to have a wing man.

If having a wing man is your choice then by all means please choose a wing man who has had some measure of success with girls. Don't get an inexperience one as you are bound to mess things up big time or worse, he'll probably mess it up for you!

Having a wing man is not without its advantage especially if you are new to this ball game. Your wing man can show you the ropes and help you out if you are stuck in the rut. On the hind sight, just make sure he is not interested in the same girl as you are. Both of you have to be very clear of your objectives from the start. You can't be both hitting at the same girl!

Before we proceed, it is good to take note of your dressing. Do ensure that you are always neatly dressed. You need not be garbed in designer labels but rule of the thumb is to look neat and pleasant. Check out the scenarios below:

Scenario 1
A lady is sitting in a cozy eatery reading a book while waiting for her dinner to be served. There's something about her that catches your eye and you walked up to her and said hello. When she looked up, she saw a smiling, neat and casually dressed gentleman.

Scenario 2
A lady is sitting in a cozy eatery reading a book while waiting for her dinner to be served. There's something about her that catches your eye and you walked up to her and said hello. When she looked up, she saw a smiling, unkempt guy with five o'clock shadow stubble on your chin and shirt that looked like he had slept in it.

In scenario 1, lady would most probably return the guy's greeting with a smile but she would definitely be on guard and feel defensive in scenario

2. These are simple scenarios that show the impact of your appearance in forming first impression of you.

Enough about appearance, what about the attitude that you should project when you approach a girl? Smile and look friendly, don't look like your pet just got run over by the garbage truck or worse, look like a stalker!

Visit Online Dating Trainefor tips on building self confidence, dating tips on how to talk to women and online dating guide.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to Snag a Guy and Keep Him Interested!

How to Snag a Guy and Keep Him Interested! this article was written by Michael Douglas and he writes "You could be a tomboy, a siren, the shyest creature on earth, a pimple queen or miss busty. Every woman can get any guy she sets her sights on - only if she knows how to play her cards right. Don't be loveless - go out there and get your guy. But before that, find out your guy-snagging style....

Bold and Beautiful
This girl makes no bones about what she wants, how she wants it and why she wants it. She has her priorities clear; if you don't like them, that's your problem.

Gutsy and Girly
This girl's simplicity and homeliness are her appeal. But be warned, she is anything but docile. While she is not into screaming out her love from the rooftops she loves strongly enough to not think twice before leaving everything else to follow her man.

Attitude and Adaa
This is the girl who should have a "Beware, I bite' sign around her! She tends to have her head in the clouds and thinks very highly of herself. Problem is, she thinks right! Absolutely confident and a firm believer in herself, in her confidence lies her strongest appeal.

Practical and Perfect
Feminine but not a damsel in distress, aloof yet polite and a woman who is hard to get get without playing hard to get. This woman's biggest asset is that she knows her strengths, but doesn't flaunt them. She is not snooty but she is not easy either!

Dreamer and Desirable
This girl dreams big. She isn't scared to follow her dreams either, no matter where they take her. She is a doer and hard work doesn't scare her. Her personality shines through and men are drawn towards her sheer grit.

Sweet and Sour
This is the girl who comes the closest to fitting the "perfect" girl tag - she is a career woman, yet can run a smooth household, she likes family dos and yet would do silly things at a moment's notice, she is pretty but not vain.... She doesn't idol worship her guy and can be quite cutting with her tongue when she wants to.

About the Author
Michael Douglas is a love and relationship expert and currently he is offering his services to where he offers love tips for perfect relationships and dating advicefor a successful date. Also don't forget to check out love relationship quiz to test your relationship compatibility with your partner.

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Learn To Seduce Women Of Every Kind: Using Powerful Secrets Of Psychology

Kenneth Oboh has written Learn To Seduce Women Of Every Kind: Using Powerful Secrets Of Psychology and writes "Trying to seduce a woman you hardly know is not the easiest of things to do…but there are some principles of psychology which you can apply to make the process a lot easier and which will guarantee that you always get positive responses from women you approach. One of these powerful principles is knowing how to communicate with different "Personality Types."

Basically most people fall into one of 3 main categories in terms of the way they express themselves and the way that they "take in information" about the world around them. So any girl you meet will usually belong to one of these groups.

The idea here is to communicate with each girl you meet in the LANGUAGE that she will best understand and that will lead to you making a very strong connection with that girl. She will immediately feel that you know her in a way that nobody else ever has before. Therefore seducing her becomes 1,000 times easier as a result of this "super-strong" connection..

So here are the 3 personality types and how to communicate with them:

1) Auditory Girls: These are girls that respond best to "Hearing-based" descriptions. So for example if you're describing a trip you took to the beach, you want to be describing the SOUND of the crashing waves. You would say something like, "The waves were crashing on the shore very LOUDLY. And I could HEAR the sound of the pebbles as they pounded on the beach front." You get the picture here: you're really trying to stimulate her auditory mind by making sure to focus on the sound element of the event.

2) Visual Girls: These girls are especially stimulated by things that they can picture visually in their minds eye. So they focus on the picture element of any event. For example, using the same beach scenario: you would communicate with this type of girl like this, "The moonlight LOOKED so bright that night. It was so nice to SEE the outline of the ocean in the distance from the shore. It was the most amazing SIGHT ever."

3) Kinesthetic Girls: These are girls that mainly communicate their thoughts by the sense of "Touch." They tend to relate best to things and ideas they can "touch" or "feel" with their hands. They need to have a strong grip on things, literally. So the best way to make a strong connection when communicating with these girls is to say something like this, "It was such a good night, I really FELT the peace and tranquillity of the beach. And the way that the sand RUBBED against my skin FELT like absolute heaven.

So the next question is: How do you know what personality type a woman belongs to? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You get them to talk about things they have to describe and then you listen for which "buzz-words" they tend to use most frequently in their conversation. That way you can just "key" into their language and feed it back to them when communicating YOUR thoughts and descriptions.

You see, once you key into a girl's personality type and start to communicate in her specific "language," you'll immediately create a situation where she opens up to you and is more willing to get physically "intimate" with you faster than you could ever imagine. This will happen because her sub-conscious mind sees you as a soul-mate. And this can transform the relationship from some guy she just met to a guy she feels she's known all her life and who is able to understand her deeply.

So there you have it. You should apply this principle in your interactions with the women you want to date: you will find that the seduction will become so much easier for you and the results you get from women will be unbelievable.

Would You Like a "FREE SEDUCTION eBOOK" filled with Hundreds Of Secrets To Attract & Seduce Any Woman You Want Right Now? Ken Oboh has Created The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide Exposing The "Forbidden Secrets" To Meet & Seduce Your Ideal Woman, Anytime, Anywhere! These Secrets Will Work For ANY Man Even If He's Got No Money, No Good Looks And No Confidence Approaching Women.

Click Here To Get Your FREE eBOOK Now =>

Attn E-zine Editors / Site Owners
Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site so long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include my resource box as listed above.

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Dumb Dating Mistakes Men Make with Women

Dumb Dating Mistakes Men Make with Women was written by Don Diebel and he writes "Do you strike out with single women in the romance department no matter what you do? You can even be a drop-dead good-looking guy, but unless you know what is offensive to a woman's ears, you are likely to stick your foot in your mouth and make a fool of yourself and turn off women.

With today's single woman you need to know what she wants and then give to her without sounding phony. The following are some common mistakes men make when dating single women that turn women off:

1. When talking to or about single women, are you still living back in time and calling them babes, broads, chicks, or something even more repulsive? Always call a woman by her name! If you use these terms mentioned, you will insult and turn single women completely off..

2. When out on a date, do you spend all of your time eyeing other women in the bar, nightclub, or restaurant? Don't even think for a minute that she won't notice. She will not only notice, but may be so turned off by your behavior that she may never want to see you again. Always focus all of your undivided attention on the woman you're with. Treat her like a Princess and she will make you her Prince.

3. Another common mistake men make early in a relationship with a single woman is being too sexually aggressive. After just meeting a woman you don't want to come on all hot & horny and all you can focus on is jumping her bones and pawing at her body. This kind of behavior can scare women and turn them off. They usually don't like a complete stranger pawing at their bodies and making sexual overtones. Get to know her first to where she is comfortable with you and then make your physical moves.

4. When talking to a woman, do find yourself concentrating totally on her breasts? This is a real no no! Always look women in the eyes when talking to her. Believe me, if all you can do is stare at her breasts, she will catch on to it and will ditch you as soon as possible. Women don't like men who constantly stare at their breasts. In a topless club it's OK, but not when you just meet a woman or in the early stages of dating.

5. If a woman wants to be independent, let her. For instance, if she wants to change her own flat tire, let her. If she wants to open her own door, let her. If she wants to order her own food or wine, let her. Let her assert her independence. It will make a good impression on her. You're making a big mistake if you want to act Macho all the time and not let her act independent if this is what she desires.

6. Some misguided men think it's sexy and cool to brag about what a great lover they have been to their other girlfriends, about getting high on drugs, or how good they can hold their liquor. You are not impressing women with this. As a matter a fact, she will probably find that you are obnoxious and potentially dangerous.

In closing, if you are making any of these dating blunders and displaying these offensive habits, get them corrected immediately. I hate to keep pounding this into your head, but if you turn women off, you are stacking the odds against yourself in successfully meeting, dating, attracting, and seducing single women.

This article written by Don Diebel (Americas #1 Singles Expert). If you would like more free dating tips on how to successfully meet, date, attract, and become intimate with women, please visit his website at:

This article is copyright (c) 2005 by Don Diebel and may be reprinted in it's entirety as long as his website, byline, and copyright statement is included.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Five Adult Date Tips for True Success

Five Adult Date Tips for True Success was written by Jason Sands and he writes "Have you ever wanted to know the secrets to meeting beautiful singles? Or the secret to scoring that perfect date? The answer is a lot simpler than you may think. Dating single women and men has never been more easy, thanks to the internet. It is now possible to meet and establish a relationship with someone half-way across the globe from the comfort of your own home. The traditional practices of dating have been surpassed by today’s standards of more practical and easier ways of dating. However, old etiquettes and traditional rules should definitely not be easily forgotten. Along with all the new features of the millennium dating style, comes these important adult date tips:

1. Meeting on the internet has brought a sense of insecurity to many online singles where trusting can often create a real dilemma in your vital decision making. There is nothing more important than establishing a trusting and honest relationship with your potential encounters. The most important of all adult dating tips is that you should take your time, get to know and feel comfortable with your new online romance.

2. Establish a personality check. Find out as much as possible about your person of interest. Don’t be afraid to snoop around and ask personal questions to see who that person has met online. Unlike traditional means, asking friends about a person won’t be possible, so try to find out as much information through other site members. This does sound like you will be conducting an investigation, however you have to be sure that the person you are meeting is genuine and not a “psycho”. Another good handy tip is to find out the person’s real name and do a little Google searching for that name. You’ll be surprised at what you can find through search engines. For example, Google can often reveal some personal information that person has made public in the past.

3. The Information technology revolution has opened the doors to so many different and wonderful ways of communicating. For those that have never heard of webcam, MSN chat and Skype, we highly recommend you invest a little time and money into these technologies. They will enable you to meet and see each other in cyberspace before you decide to take the real plunge and meet face to face. Again, it must be stressed, spend as much time as possible on live chat until you feel it is safe to see that person “in the flesh”. Also, don’t be shy to ask if you can see other family members on the webcam. Knowing your potential partner’s entourage is definitely a bonus.

4. The time has come to meet face to face, so where or how exactly do you plan to meet this person? Out of all the adult dating tips, it is important to ask the person what he / she is going to wear. This is not because you want to know what type of clothing brand they like, but such information will help you stakeout the person (from a distance) before you decide to meet. You can spy on the person from a distance and decide whether or not to approach them. If it isn’t the same person you expected, then you can abort your meet and explain it to them in an email or by phone.

5. So you’ve decided to take the plunge and meet, have you thought about the actual meeting place and time? A dark, obscure alley at 9 pm is probably not the ideal place. Make plans for a busy place, such as a café, restaurant or even a nightclub. Maybe even bring a friend with you just to feel safe, that does not include your parents or grandparents. The rest is pretty much up to you. You may decide to have a casual “fling” or a deep meaningful relationship. Either way, always play it SAFE and carry some protection, “never leave home without it”.

So there you have it, the most important adult dating tips you will ever need to know before taking those first steps in online cyber dating. You can never be too sure who you are going to encounter, however you can go by these basic and essential recommendations to minimise your risks and maximise your joyful experience. Good luck!

Jason Sands provides adult date services and recommends Aussie Match Maker for free online chat rooms and the Love Club for single matchmaking.

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