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Kiss Beautiful Women Easily In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Risk Of Rejection

Kiss Beautiful Women Easily In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Risk Of Rejection was written by Kenneth Oboh and he writes "Do you always feel nervous and afraid of rejection whenever you have to "go for the kiss" with a girl? Well, I'm going to tell you how to eliminate this fear and show you the ultimate technique for kissing the girl without getting rejected.

Let's look behind basic female psychology and discover WHY a guy tends to get very nervous kissing a girl in the first place. You see, before a girl will feel comfortable kissing a guy, she has to feel that she can TRUST him. You know that nervous feeling you get deep in your stomach just before you go for the kiss? It's actually a signal to you that the girl is not ready to be kissed by you…BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T BUILT THE TRUST YET!

If you go for it with that nervous feeling, there's a good chance you'll get rejected. Luckily for us, it is very easy to build this crucial "trust" and it can even be done in minutes. Let me show you how..

When you first meet a girl, you have to establish a "physical" relationship very quickly if you're to have any chance of kissing her later. What I mean by "physical relationship" is pretty simple: you just have to get her used to your "touch." You do this by touching her very LIGHTLY on the hand (your first touch should be non- threatening).

Make your first touch seem completely natural. For example, you could just do this by pointing out something while talking to her like, "Hey, check out that picture over THERE," you lightly touch her to show her what you're pointing at. DO NOT look down at what your hand is doing. If you do, you'll draw attention to the touch. You want it to be like you're not even CONSCIOUS of your "contact" with her.

A really good way to establish the first touch (and this is my personal favourite way to do it) is "palm reading." You don't need to be an expert palm reader to do this, just know the basics and have fun reading her palm.

So now, she's used to you touching her hands. Now, you want to move to her elbows. Do the same thing: find a good opportunity to naturally "touch" her elbows. A good example is when she laughs at something you say while chatting: just reach over (again, don't look at what your hand is doing) and lightly touch the OUTSIDE of her elbow. Do this a couple of times and now you've moved her "trust" level (in you) up a bit more.

Next you move up to her hair. Again, find a "playful" opportunity to just reach over naturally to touch her hair and say, "Hey, you know you've got really soft hair, it feels nice when I run my hands through it." And after doing this, BACK OFF and go back to not touching her, just carry on chatting normally.

You see, by "backing off" a bit you give her a little space so she doesn't feel things are moving too fast…BUT because you've already got close to touching HER FACE, she'll feel comfortable if you did it again later. You see, now you've worked your way up to her feeling "trust" in you touching her hair.

You will begin to notice at this stage that you no longer have that nervous feeling in your stomach about kissing her. When you get to this stage, it won't feel so "weird" to imagine kissing her. Do the "hair stage" a couple more times and you're ready to kiss.

But the first time you kiss her, don't put yourself under pressure, just give her a simple PECK on the cheeks, not her lips. Then a little later, go for a peck on the lips, then later, a longer kiss. You see, you should always build up to the BIG "kiss" stage-by-stage and VERY, VERY SLOWLY!

So there you have it: the secret of going for a kiss with almost ZERO risk of rejection. Start putting this technique into practice and watch your success with women go "through the roof!"

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