Saturday, October 28, 2006

American Singles

American Singles was written by Patrick Faulder and he writes "The American single is a big thing. Living in America and being single is not fun. The world is too beautiful and life is just simply too short to live it all alone. The Mr. or Mrs. American single needs to get out their and find the right one for them selves. Someone whom they may share this wonderful life with and have some fun.

Busy legitimate singles are with limited time on their hands can readily meet other American singles with similar interests for friendship, dating, or commitment purposes while being online. By the same token, their are singles out their that prey on other singles for one sole purpose, and that is to take advantage of them.

Online dating can be fun, and you can meet people on online dating websites, chat rooms, and other sites that will help you get connected with the right person..

I would, however like to offer some sound advice on ways to keep you safe from the fraudulent few that surf the net looking for whom they can devour.

First and foremost, protect yourself by gaurding your personal details such as phone numbers, email address, home address, your place of work, your bank, and your income, etc.

As in the real world, be prudent with whom you trust with all your personal details with, and online it is even more important. This is common sense since you have no idea who the person on the other end really is.

When seeking online dating websites, do take note of their guidelines and what you should and shouldn't do. These sites have such guidelines for your safety.

Your personal details should only be given to those persons that you really trust, and even then, that trust should be slowly built over time and you should still exercise caution.

Stop communication with anyone pressuring you for personal details and with anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable.

The all American single should always share with their family and friends those that they are in contact with over the internet and for those thinking of building a good long term friendship. Also let this american single know that your friends and family are aware of them. However, be smooth about it. You also don't want to push anyone away.

As the all American single that you are, be smart about it and don't just fall in love at a click of a mouse just like that. It will probably also push them away from you. True imtimacy and love develops over time. And stay away from the slick ones that will whisk you away to a to a private chat room in the hopes of trying to have some cyber sex with you. I assure you that you are not the only one they are doing that to.

Also, as the all American single that you are, be suspisious of those that send you photos and make sure that they dont look like that just stepped out of a cosmopolitan magazine, or that the photo isn' taken of the person sitting behing the wheel of a brand new red Ferrari. Make sure that the American single that you meet is in fact the person that you are really communicating with.

For all you know, 'Tom' or 'Mary' may be twice your age, a complete slob and overweight. Be smart. Dont let the cupid get you with a few good pickup lines and some flashy phrases.

If you are going to give out your number, be sure to get their number first and use the block caller ID on your phone so that your number doesn't show up when you call them. There is a lot that you can tell about a person from a simple phone call. How is their tone of voice? Do they speak fast or slow, do they answer you quickly, are they good listeners, do they sound sexy, or are they nervous, and are they polite? These are some things to think about.

Is this person only going to give you a cellular phone number and not their home phone number. If they are not willing to give you a home number, it could mean that they either don't have a home, or they are married or already in a relationship.

Being the all American single, be carefull and check that no red flags go of and that you are dealing with a complete all American bozo or even worse. There has been more than one nightmare stalking that resulted from the online quickie.

When you are ready to meet them, because you have done all of the private emails, phone calls, and chatting, make sure that you meet in a public place as opposed to having them come by and pick you up. If you are a female make sure that you have a cellular phone on you in your purse in case you need it.

Let your close friends and family know of your date and their name, phone number, and exactly where you are going to be, and when you expect to be home. Better yet, if you are a female, meet him with some of your other friends, so that this will warn him that your friends have seen him and he wont do any funky business.

Commen sense and slow and easy is the name of the game when it comes to online dating so take is easy and be cautious. No go and have some fun!

American Singles

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Finding Your Soulmate With LDS Dating Online

Finding Your Soulmate With LDS Dating Online was written by Ivan Kelly and writes "LDS online dating is one of the safest ways for meeting other people for dating or a serious relationship. Most people consider online dating as an option in getting to know other people outside of their circle. The LDS Christian community now utilizes this current trend of communication to widen their reach and to create a fun-loving environment.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as the Mormons) is estimated to have around 12 million members worldwide today. Naturally, among this number are many who are interested in LDS dating opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in an LDS dating experience it is likely that you are both committed to, or at least aware of, the culture of this movement. If you aren't, then one important matter you should know about is what is called the Word of Wisdom. This is a health code that LDS singles may or may not practise. It forbids alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee and illicit drugs. Also, it encourages you to take good care of your body by eating less meat and consuming healthy food..

Some possible practices that you might encounter while LDS dating includes tithing, chastity, and modesty in behavior and dress. There might also be a ritual of family home evenings where the family is encouraged to come together for prayer and other activities.

For LDS dating, you should also be aware that body piercings and tattoos are strongly discouraged.

Members of the LDS Church are encouraged to marry and have children, and a larger than average family is common. LDS dating does not encourage one night stands. You should also be aware that all sexual activity outside of the marital framework is seriously considered a sin.

For those interested in homosexual liaisons and wish to do some LDS dating, consider that same-sex marriages are not carried out or even supported by the LDS church.

Within the LDS community, there is a culture of regularly visiting each others' homes for study and for prayer. You should consider this in a potential LDS partner if you have different ways of looking at romance and relationships.

With these considerations in mind, even if not the topic of the first date, be open and willing to discuss these cultural elements for a mutually benefiting, long term relationship.

Advantages of a well-run, LDS Dating service:

You can search thousands of other profiles of LDS members and get to know each one online. There’s a vast LDS dating network that has varied interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. You can check out their profiles and you may even find one that you like. LDS online dating has proved to be very effective for most people who participate, with friendships which often bloom into serious relationships.

LDS online dating provides a very comfortable environment and is considered safe. The LDS dating community is a place where you can create lasting relationships for acquaintance, friendship, companionship, romance, and can even lead to a permanent commitment.

An LDS Christian online dating website should include chat rooms where you can have fun discussions. You can also post memos and notes on message boards and share pictures with photo galleries. And of course, you can send personal messages to private mail boxes. Many dating websites also feature instant messaging and voice introductions for a more personal touch. Some of the LDS websites even offer LDS dating services aside from online matching.

Relaxed, even placid, people usually belong to this group of LDS online daters. Whereas in the general Christian dating community, you will often those who dislike too much loud music, bar hopping, and disco dancing, these are even less likely to be found with LDS dating. Dates here might end in a cozy restaurant or a soft music place. Church and family events are much more common. Although this is not necessarily true all the time, it can be frequently observed on date outcomes based on testimonials.

In an LDS online dating site, the center is spirituality. You include faith in your search for a mate. Most people go to an LDS community for dates because they prefer to have somebody within their faith. People here believe they have filtered out the dates with people who may not share the same set of values.

Dating a stranger sharing your beliefs is more reassuring than starting with somebody who does not share the same principles. If you are joining a Christian, LDS online dating site, you’ll know what you can expect. And, as implied, the online society is Christ-centered. And by association, Christ is all pure love and kindness. If you join the group, this indicates you support Christian values and standards. Meeting the love of your life could be a possibility!

For more important online dating information and LDS Dating tips visit where you will find dating tips, advice, resources and lots of useful material about improving your online dating experience.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Important Online Dating Tips For Beginners

Important Online Dating Tips For Beginners was written by Udo Vieth and he writes "Online Dating For Beginners on the Internet has simplified our existence tremendously by enabling us to have the world to be right at our fingertips.

Online dating is somewhat tricky when you start out because as a new participant to this, you are exposed to a mixed bag of risk and fun. Here we introduce you to the notion of the Internet dating which ought to assist beginners have safe fun with online dating.

First steps to online dating:

Online dating is a form of dating facilitated by a computer and the Internet. You have to to register on the dating sites to access the database of other members of the site..

Prior to registering, however, do confirm with the dating site’s stipulations and conditions and how much of your personal data will be shown to others.

Also to what degree they determine this, or whether you have complete control over divulging your personal information. Be sure to register only when you are totally comfortable with the security and privacy of your personal information. Usually once you are registered, you will have to upload your profile and a photograph to the site, which will serve as your introduction to the other members. You are then able to begin interacting with the available people pool.

The Big Benefits of Online Dating:


Online dating is convenient for beginners that work odd hours, or are too busy with their jobs or for those who cannot get out and about easily. Online dating is also a great advantage for those also who are just to shy to interact face to face with new people.

Variety: When dating online you have a large and broad spectrum of people to chose from. You can select the people you like and begin chatting (over the internet) with them. This is much more difficult in offline dating.

Relationships: Internet dating does not only deal with romantic relationships. Through online dating, you can find the best of friends, a fun type casual relationship or even long-term serious alliances, and anything in between.

The Disadvantages of Online Dating:

As you do not have any direct face-to-face interaction in online dating, especially beginners run the risk of being misled. Since you know the person only through his/her profile, photograph and the description posted,you can not be sure about the motive of the person you are dealing with. Your online Mr. or Ms. Right may actually be an unscrupulous and cheating personality. You may also be subjected to financial frauds or adulterous types.However, the key is to be patient and not disclose your personal information until you are very sure about the credibility of your online acquaintance.

So starting to date online is not necessarily a cakewalk for beginners due to the immense potential of the risk associated with it. However, that does not mean that it is only risky, more often than not, it is more fun and opens up opportunities otherwise missed.

So, go ahead get your feet wet, and enjoy. Just be a little cautious at first.

For the best tips and sources of dating information I have found, visit my blog at Relationship Secrets

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Divorced Dating: One More Try

Divorced Dating: One More Try was written by John C. Thompson and he writes "For those of us who have been divorced or separated, it will be quite a challenging transition, particularly if there are kids involved. However getting back into the dating scene doesn't have to be impossible or challenging. Without a doubt do not jump onto the scene right after a separation, and do take your time until you feel you are ready again.

For those who would like an extra boost of solidarity, there are friendship groups for those of us who are looking to recover after a tough divorce. These groups can also be divided by age, such as groups for people under the age of 35 and so on. It could be a significant help to your psyche if you are able to share your experiences with a group of like-minded individuals who have gone through the same thing as you, and are looking to take steps to repair their lives..

Whatever basis of the the divorce was, for instance having an affair, alcholism, abuse, or just lack of passion, widowed, etc, you will find that these groups will provide an array of perspectives from real people. They will also provide insight into issues such as children, and single parent parenting.

For those of us who agree that the dust has settled and are ready to start seeing people for mingling, there are specialized sites and services for divorced singles. You should talk to your kids about this because they may have mixed feelings if you start socializing someone new. It's important to keep all communications open and to build a network of support through as many means as possible for example family, friends, co-workers, or support and recovery groups. This is a tough time for everyone, but you are not alone and do not have to go it alone.

Think of this new process as a latest beginning and not necessarily an end in itself. Keep your chin up, know who your friends are, and in the end you will start mingling and perhaps a new flame will be grown this time around that will be lasting and right for the both of you.

Rush onto our portal for great stuff on dating a divorced man insider data today!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Top 10 Flirting Lines to Avoid

Top 10 Flirting Lines to Avoid was written by Claire Brentand she writes "The Internet is a world of language that requires some very serious communication skills in order to express yourself. It is, therefore, important that when you communicate with your online crush, you’re very careful to make sure that each of your communications is positive and deliberate. When it comes to dating online, it is very easy to date many people over a short amount of time. Dating, after all, involves getting to know a variety of people and then choosing one person to focus your attention on.

Because you need to be appreciative of language when you begin a relationship online, it is important that you understand the effects of your language. There are, in fact, a variety of things that should be avoided when you begin a relationship with someone online. Here is a short list of the Top 10 flirting lines that you should avoid when meeting someone online:

10. “I’m looking to get married pretty soon. Are you available?”

This line comes across as slightly desperate. Dating means that you try several people before choosing just one. Therefore, don’t rush things; date awhile..

9. “Do you have any STDs?”

While it’s important to learn about your partner’s sexual health, when you are barely even a couple, it is considered rude and presumptuous to ask about sexually transmitted diseases.

8. “Mothers really love me.”

While a line like that, it’s not surprising that you’re single. Be slow to show off the full breadth of your ego and make sure that the relationship is grounded in friendship before you talk about meeting the parents.

7. “Are you hot?”

While asking about a person’s physical looks (or temperature) may appear to be important, if you are going to build a lasting, sustainable relationship, it’s far better to start with questions about your mate’s personality and emotions.

6. “What’s Your Income?”

Yes, finances are important to many relationships, In fact, most relationships break up because of finances. However, if ou are going to have a solid relationship, it would be preferable to base it in things other than money.

5. “What Kind of Card Do You Drive?”

Just as income is important, so are reliable cars. However, it is vital that you start your relationship with questions that are most positive and down to earth than the car they drive…unless, of course, you meet in an automotive chat room.

4. “What do you look like?”

It is important to eventually find out about the appearance of your online crush. However, try to start simpler. Ask, instead, about matters of the heart. If things work out, then work your way towards asking learning more about physical appearance.

3. “Do you want to meet tonight?”

Even if you have a fabulous conversation with your online crush, it’s a bad idea to ask somewhat out of the blue for a meeting. Instead, work your way up to a meeting to ensure that you create a solid base.

2. “I hope you do drugs.”

It’s a wise idea to avoid meeting people online that do drugs. Not only will it be difficult to trust them, but when a major pick-up line involves narcotics, the relationship is likely not one that is built to last.

1. “Are you easy.”

Discontinue communication immediately if your online crush asks you if you are easy…unless of course you are looking for a one-night stand or purely physical relationship.

Online dating is an entirely new world that brings with it new risks and new opportunities. It’s important for you to learn the ropes of online dating in order to play the game strategically. Often, learning the ropes means that you will have to go through some bad online relationships in order to find some good people to date.

Take the journey and, by all means, enjoy the ride … especially when those cheesy pick-up lines are used.

Claire Brent is the author of the free 7 days mini course "Online Dating Mastery". Discover the essential steps of a highly succesful online dating experience by signing up free at

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips for Women was written by Anne Garrett and writes "Every magazine for women will usually carry one or two articles a year offering dating tips for women. These tips are specific to the age demographic of the magazine they are printed in. The dating tips for women can be complicated or simple, but they all revolve around some common themes.

A popular dating tip for women is to not be late. It’s usually ranked up very high on a list working on the assumption that all women spend too much time primping and are usually late for any pick up time or meeting they have scheduled. Since men and women seem equally split on the issue of promptness, it’s probably a good idea to be within on time if a dinner reservation or movie start time is involved, but unless there is a really hard time constraint, a few minutes (re: under 10) usually won’t be a problem..

Don’t worry so much about how you look is another dating tip for women who can agonize over their appearance. No one thinks they look perfect and every woman will notice even the tiniest flaw in her own appearance. It will not matter if it isn’t remotely visible to their date. Some women can spend an entire evening being so aware of whatever the flaw is in their appearance that they can actually impede their own enjoyment of the evening. Take a tip from one survey of men that stated most men were just happy that the date shows up.

Whether you ask the guy or he asks you, one important dating tip for women is doesn’t agree to a date you know you won’t enjoy at all. If the person you are going out with wants to go see professional wrestling and that’s the last thing you want to do, be honest. Guys aren’t stupid, they know when their date is disgusted, irritated or worse, bored. When two people go out on a date, any date, it’s not a success if both parties don’t have fun. So don’t be afraid to say you’d love to spend time with them, but you’d rather choose a different activity.

And one final dating tip for women (and men for that matter) is after a successful date, don’t spend all your time trying to drop a subtle hint for another date or waiting around for the phone to ring. Ask for the opportunity, but don’t fish. Not everyone likes directness, but a greater majority will appreciate the knowledge that you had a good time and are interested in going out again. Don’t sit and wait for the phone to ring if you want to go out, it’s not uncommon that uncertainty can follow even the best date, especially if you wanted to make a great impression.

Anne Garrett

Anne Garrett has more than 20 years in writing, translation (English/French/English), proofreading, OCR, SEO, research and editing experience. From business to articles, short stories, E-books, pdf, resumes, data entry and many more. All content and translations are 100% original and I possess very good research skills. I take great pride in respecting timelines and details.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tips for Safe Online Dating

Tips for Safe Online Dating was written by Dave Poon and he writes "Are you looking for a date? Chat rooms are great places to meet new possible dates. The good thing about online dating is that you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. Dating can be expensive; sometimes you have to buy a new dress to look good. You even bring your date to an expensive restaurant where you can have serious talk and get to know one another.

Online dating is very popular to many people especially for those who are looking for new friends or partner. However, you should be extra careful of who you talk to since you do not know your date personally. Here are some online dating tips to ensure that your online dating is safe.

1. You should take time to know the person you met on the Internet before meeting him in person. Remember all information about him and keep it in your email. In this way, you can compare statements and be attentive for inconsistent information..

2. Make sure that you ask many questions to gather more information about the person. This could help you to determine whether the person is telling the truth or is just flirting. Many people just pretend that they like you but they may have other intentions in mind.

3. You should be extra cautious in giving out personal information online. It is recommended that you create a new email account. You may even set up new accounts in or Always remember not to provide personal information like your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and details about your job.

4. Ask a friend who you trust to read the email and conversations you made with your online date. He may see and observe warning signs that you may have missed.

5. Always remember to look for a credible and reputable dating site in finding new friends or dates. Make sure that the site you have visited has privacy policies that will ensure your safety.

6. In starting the conversation over the Internet, make sure that you start off with an enlightened approach. Put into mind that online dating is a way for you to introduce yourself before going to the next stage of the relationship. You can be a compassionate new friend or a friend who knows how to listen and give advices.

7. You should decide on what type of person you would want to meet over the Internet. If you are not sure of the person you would to make conversation with, trust your intuition and don't take everything seriously.

8. To introduce yourself, you may write a creative copy describing yourself and attach your picture. You may ask a friend to post testimonials and good descriptions about you. Make the testimonials short and simple.

Online dating can be a good start for a new relationship. This is a way where you can meet new friends and eventually develop a relationship that can go to a higher level. Just remember to be careful and to be smart in getting to know a person over the Internet.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Online Dating. For more information regarding Online Dating please drop by at

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Advice For Attracting Men Online

Advice For Attracting Men Online was written by by Jason King and he writes "These online dating tips for women will help you get that single man's attention, and keep it. There's a lot of competition that you will be compared to so you'll need to stand out from the crowd.

Men are easily attracted to someone just by looking at them. That is why it is important you have a good photo on your profile. This is the first thing any man will notice. If you don't catch their attention with your photo the rest of your profile is wasted. Just by uploading a clear recent photo from the shoulders up or the waist up you will have a better chance of getting your profile looked at. And your photo will stand out better than over half of the other single women's photos. You'll see lots of poor quality photos taken from too far away. These single women are trying to sell themselves with these photos, and they look like they have made no effort what so ever. So if you make the effort your photo will stand out, and get the click. By all means put other photos in your profile as well but have them as extra ones and not the main one..

The next thing the single men will notice is your username. You will need to create one that stands out. It can be based on a hobby of yours so it says something about you, and doesn't look like everyone else's. Don't use a name where you have to put a number on the end because a thousand other women are using the same name. Your name will show up in chat rooms as well, so choose one that stands out, and you will be remembered.

Fill your profile in with as much detail as possible. You don't have to write an essay for every question, but don't leave questions unanswered. Be 100% honest as well, you don't want to get caught out later because you lied in your profile. This could end any chances you had with the single you was just starting to get on with. Honesty is attractive so use it to your advantage.

With more women getting e-mailed than men you will be answering a lot of them. The ones you do answer you don't want to start writing novels back to the men. This will probably turn them off. Small attractive sentences that are sometimes a bit flirty will grab his attention. Try to reply to as many e-mails as possible. Some online dating services show what percentage of e-mails you have answered so if it's low you may put off Mr. Right from contacting you. Try not reply though to men that just send you smiles or flirts. This usually means they're on a free trial and want to get a free ride with your contact. Plus you'll probably be the twentieth one they have sent out that day.

If you follow all the online dating tips for women above you will get contacted more often than the average single woman.

For more advice on online dating, and online dating service reviews visit -

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dating Tips For Men: Buying Gifts For Your Date

Dating Tips For Men: Buying Gifts For Your Date was written by Nikki Smith and writes "Knowing the right gifts to give when dating can be challenging for most men. After all, whoever figured out what women really want? Although the particulars of what your woman would like is really a subjective thing, having a few guidelines certainly will not hurt. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying gifts for your lady:

Get her gifts often. It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts, mind you. A single rose stem every now and then wouldn’t hurt, and neither would a few books, clothes, or chocolate -- whatever she likes. Women have a need to be remembered and noticed. By giving her gifts every now and then, you are sending her the message that you think of her often. Of course, don’t forget to give those really great gifts when the dating occasion calls for it!!

Choose something glamorous. While this may be a generalization, for the most part women love feeling like they’re queens and princesses. (It must have something to do with all those fairy tales.) Anyway, try to get gifts that communicate glamour, elegance, and style. Did you ever stop to think why pearls and diamonds are so popular with women?

Be careful when giving clothes. Unless you have a fair idea of what she likes when it comes to clothing, it’s probably best to steer clear of this area. As can be expected, women are very conscious about clothes. Give her something that is half an inch too big for her, and she will be very unhappy. If you do insist on buying clothes, buy something that fits with her personal style, and in her exact size. When in doubt, choose a smaller size.

Buying all the right gifts will definitely put you ahead in the dating game.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

10 Useful Dating Tips for You

10 Useful Dating Tips for You was written by Arindam Chattopadhyaya and writes "You, Adam and Eve of today's society, are looking for love, passion and emotional support in their all kind of relationship. You are not born to live a solitary life. You need to choose your life partner based on reality not dream.

Love and romance in your life is different from Mel Gibson's movie. All love and marriage relationship blossoms based on trust, respect and friendship. Love at first sight, dancing across the bushes and tulip garden are the dreams, looking at the setting sun with hands in hands from the hillock are the dreams of Hollywood only.

No price will come from a mystic land on a white horse to take you a dreamland. You need to build a relation with love, care and respect. Instead of waiting for love, go and find your love on realistic assumption..

You can find your partner from on line dating site or from direct dating services. Make a strategy after understanding what you are looking for in your relation. You are doing dating with opposite sex to build a long-term relation of love not only for sex.

People who register on dating sites are everyday men and women. Large number of them are educated, professionals and also established.

So take a decision and visit online dating direct sites. Understand how dating direct can help you. Please check out the credentials before you are neck deep in the relationship.

Please publish an honest online profile. A true add will do 50% of your work. You will make your first impression through your ad. Your ad should be truthful but attractive. Imagine the situation while yours would be partner will read your ad how he or she should feel. You need to write to generate that feeling.

Ask yourself what you are looking for in your partner and publish the same detailed list in companion wanted section. Please be specific on what you like and what you dislike. This will help dating service providers to give you a proper matching list.

Learn how to make a date successful by practicing and rehearsing.

Before you go out for the dating, spend some time in on line chat and phone

The key to success is to convey feelings unambiguously and in an impressive way. But avoid being possessive and avoid past relationships or children I initial days. Know the past of your partner and take care that you should not discuss the same and do not allow the same to happen once again.

Dating is an important part of your life but not the only one. Take care of your jobs, investment, financial planning etc. Take a realistic and positive approach to dating. You are an individual so you also need to care of your career, hobbies, and social activities in addition to dating.

Master the art of flirting in cyber world. Please don't come on too strong. Tease but don't make yourself cheap or easy.

To be successful I on line dating you may need to view as many as 100 profiles each month. Please be ready to invest time and energy in this Endeavor.

Try to find a match that has something in common with you. Take the entire process seriously and confidently. It is better to go slowly unless you are 100% sure about the credential of your partner in the relationship.

If you put sincere effort, you can find your partner and make life full of passion. Love is something, which you need to give first. More you love your partner from the bottom of your heart, more you will get. A selfish giant can never get the love.

Author is information publisher. Visit his site to get excellent information on Dating

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dating Tips: Men Learn How To Read Women's Body Language

Dating Tips: Men Learn How To Read Women's Body Language was written by Maurice Tate and writes "Most men do not realise that women send subtle body language clues to men they are attracted too. Women also expect you to act on their body language clues. If a man does not act or take a signal from the women, she will see him as gutless and a wimp. Women like a man that sees them as a sexual creature and is confident in his sexuality.

The big advantage of becoming aware of a women's body language is that it can help you avoid rejection. You will avoid being rejected if you only ask a women out who has indicated from her body language that she is interested in you.

Getting rejected by an attractive women is not a very nice feeling and it can damage your self confidence. Having good self confidence and a good self image is very important when talking to a women as she can read this easily in your body language..

Most women are expert in reading men's body language. In a few seconds a women can tell if a man is worth getting to know.

The more body language signals the women sends the more reliable the message of attraction. One body language clue is not a reliable signal. One needs to look for group of body language signals. Generally they will come in groups of five.

So what are some body language signals of flirting that most women tend to use. More clues are on my site

The first is hair touching or playing with it. The hair toss is a great one and look at any TV commercial to see this hair toss in action.

You can look at how she sits is another way of telling you if she is interested. If she stands or sits with her crotch straight at you, this is a good sign.

Touching you is a great sign and moving closer and leaning into you when you are talking is a big plus.

Strong eye contact with bedroom eyes is a very good indication of attraction. Another is showing her breasts in some way. E.g. putting her arm under them to make the cleavage or leaning forward so you can see them.

Smiling at you and licking her licks and tilting her head as she talks are other body language signals.

Check out some TV ads and you will see the woman actors using the above signs of flirting body language signals! Also movies are a great way of learning body language as the actors are skilled at this aspect in their craft.

Women leave many of flirting signals when they are interested in a man. And the more signals they leave for you, the better is the chance that they *really* like you.

Have fun checking out women's body language. You will be at a big advantage to other men if you start to tune in to the body language of women.

Maurice is a qualified sexologist trained at the Advanced Institute of Sexology. To improve your body language go to Body language tips and become a better kisser at Free Kissing Tips

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Practical Online Dating Etiquette

Practical Online Dating Etiquette was writteb by JB Anthony and he writes "In an age of virtual “everythings,” even matchmaking and dating can be done through the internet. And although the trend of online dating can never take the place of the excitement, anticipation, and even perhaps the disadvantage of having to sit through a boring dinner when meeting your date in person, human element of such relationship can still be added – or should I say be “wired” – to make the dating more realistic despite the distance.

How can the human element be added into an online dating relationship? Can distance and the cold screens of computers take the place of a warm, smiling face, you ask. It can’t. But online daters can behave accordingly to certain online socializing etiquette that will make the online interaction more friendly and civilized.

To start off, it is always best to be true to yourself. Open an online account with a name that mirrors your offline personality. If a person likes you for what you are online, he or she will mostly like you for what you are offline. Be true to yourself and to the other person without revealing too much information that will kill the mystery and intrigue factor. Maintaining the thrill helps keep the initial attraction going while allowing emotional attachment to grow naturally..

When making several friends online, do personalize your messages. There is no use in sending the same message to people if you are really interested in finding out what each one are like. It is also helpful to leave an open-ended question in your message so the other person will have something to talk about in his/her next letter.

Be polite always. Of course, being polite does not mean that you have to carry on a conversation with whom you do not like. Being polite does not cancel off the first rule of being true to yourself. Being polite just means letting the other person know you are not interested in a manner that is firm but not offensive. In the same manner, do respect the decision of someone who is not interested in you. Pushing things will only scare the other person away. Considering that what we have on mind when looking for a date online is the next Valentine’s day and NOT the Halloween, scaring the other people with your “stalking mode” blinking online will never help.

These are simple and practical online dating tips that most people have, more often than not, forgotten about. Maintaining these traditional online dating etiquette will surely come appreciated by your friend online whether they be contemporary online daters or old souls looking for good old-fashioned romance.

JB Anthony is the webmaster of For more articles, links, guides, information on dating, interracial dating, dating advice, online dating advice, online dating and online romance, please visit

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Online Dating Tips for Newbies

Online Dating Tips for Newbies was written by Charles Cuninghame and he writes "These days the one of the best places to meet other lovelorn horn-balls is on dating websites. That's because people who place and respond to ads on these sites are serious about dating and less likely to be time wasters.

But like any dating scene there are certain tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to score. Take note of the following guidelines and you'll be well on the way to breaking that cursed sex drought:

Be pro-active

Rather than just waiting for people to respond to your ad, you'll speed up the process if you reply to others' ads. Use the search engines to find someone who tickles your fancy and send them an email. Make sure you read their ad carefully. If they're looking for a stroll down the aisle and you're looking for a roll in the hay, then don't waste their time or yours. There's plenty more singles out there..

Use a Web mail account

For your own peace of mind don't use an email account that can be traced back to you - especially not a work email address! You never know - your new friend might be a stalker! Use a Web mail account such as HotMail ( or Start (

Be honest!

Don’t oversell yourself and don't undersell yourself - just tell it like it is. This vastly increases your chances of meeting someone compatible. Tell them a bit about yourself, name, age, type of work, interests and hobbies. List as many of your interests as possible, but don't go into too much detail. You want to give enough information so that they can find some common ground, but not too much so that you bore them.

Don't rush it

You don’t have to unburden yourself of all your relationship baggage and issues in the first email. Wait until you get to know them a little better. Ditto dirty talk. Once you've exchanged a few emails then you might drop in some subtle sexual innuendo if it feels right.

You can be up-front

It's much easier to be bare your soul with someone via email than face to face. So take advantage of this and say what you really want. If you're after some occasional nookie with no strings, just say so. Likewise if you're looking for just a penpal, or to shack up and start working on a family.

Don't get your hopes up

If things go well, sooner or later you'll want to meet your new email pal. Don't get your hopes up too high - sometimes people who get on fabulously via email hate each other when they meet in real life (and vice versa).

Charles Cuninghame is a website copywriter and SEO copywriter in Sydney, Australia. Find out more about Charles at

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Which Online Dating Agency Should You Choose?'

Dave Thomas has written 'Which Online Dating Agency Should You Choose?' and writes "There are many online dating agencies, some better than others. There are several questions that you may want to ask when looking for an online dating agency. Some that come to mind are as follows:

1. Should you use a paid dating agency or a free agency? Contrary to what you may think, you are not necessarily more likely to be successful with a paid dating agency than a free one. A paid dating agency will have a greater budget for advertising, and this is where your money tends to go. Most paid dating agencies allow you to set up a profile for free, and you can sometimes find that the people you contact can't reply because they haven't purchased a subscription; this can waste a lot of your time. You would not find this problem with a free agency; nor would you get the problem with an agency that allows non-subscribers to reply to your message. However, a free service is more likely to contain lower quality profiles, possibly including swearing and similar, because with free advertising-sponsored sites, there is little money to pay for people to manually check profiles..

2. How good is their matching technology? Matching technology varies from matching physical characteristics such as height and eye colour, to in-depth psychological question reviews and surveys to fill in, such as seen on OkCupid. In general, physical characteristics are usually unimportant when it comes to finding someone with whom you would wish to have a relationship. Age, personality, whether they have children, their religion and similar are more important, and where dating agencies provide options to match based on these items, you are more likely to be successful, and you will cut down on your searching time.

3. Should you go for a general dating agency, or a dating agency aimed at a particular subsection of the population? There are plenty of dating agencies and introduction agencies that cater for people that hold a certain religion, people who are looking for a certain kind of relationship or just friendship, and other subsections. If the person who you are looking for must have a certain characteristic, then it may be worth looking at a dating agency aimed at people who have that characteristic, otherwise it's best to stick with the general ones.

4. How attractive is the dating website? If the website of an online dating agency is attractive, you will be more likely to visit it regularly. You are no different from anybody else in this respect. Also, some dating websites email you when significant events happen, like a new person signing up in your area, or somebody sending you a message. If they do this, then you are more likely to visit the site when such an event happens, and the site will likely be more successful for you.

5. What is the general opinion of that dating site? What do people think of it? Don't be fooled by dating agencies that tell you that they arrange one marriage a week; they may well do so, but that may be quite easy for them if they have millions of profiles on their system. Look for the opinions of expert reviewers, and the opinions of ordinary men or women who have used the dating agency.

David Thomas runs, a website about flirting and dating that includes reviews and public opinions of popular online dating services such as LoopyLove and Why not read these and other reviews on the site to help you make your mind up?

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How To Find The Best Dating Agency For You

Dating Agencies - How To Find The Best Dating Agency For You was written by George Wood and he writesOne of the great joys of the Internet has been the spread of dating agencies. It wasn’t all that long ago that the physical equivalent, the marriage bureau or introduction agency, was seen as something for losers or the slightly desperate. There has been a long standing tradition within certain cultures of having marriage brokers, but that has never really been mainstream. Most people met friends, lovers and mates either through family connections or sheer geographic proximity (the girl next door, for example).

This has now changed with the way in which we no longer live in such tight knit communities. Women have moved into the workforce in great numbers, and are now a majority on most college campuses. This might, you would think, mean that there was in fact less need for dating agencies, but this isn’t the case. We no longer work near where we live; our lives are ever more atomized. We therefore need even more the introductions provided and the social connections offered by those modern institutions, the dating agencies..

Along with the greater choices we have in jobs, location, and even shopping, we also seem to expect greater choice in our relationships. Why be limited by those you work or study with? What if most are already in relationships? What if your circle of friends doesn’t include what you are looking for, for reasons of age, religion, race, or some other factor? Thus, the great freedoms and liberties offered by the dating agencies: we want these extra choices and an old model has been updated to offer them to us. No longer is it the cheesy marriage bureau, but the thousands of contacts available through online dating agencies.

Joining a dating agency is a simple step by step process that varies at every agency. You will be walked through everything as slowly or as quickly as you like, taking your time to understand each aspect and feel comfortable.

The first dating agency how-to is to find a dating agency that suits you. Many are specific to a certain population. Some are for Christian singles. Others are for a certain ethnic group only, like African American or Jewish. If you do not identify with a particular group or feel bound to date someone from within that same group, you can join up with a dating agency that doesn't specialize.

If you choose one of the many online dating agencies available, you begin by taking a tour of their site. Check out the testimonies of couples who met on that site and later married or had a family. Find out how they introduce you to potential matches, and make sure that the site is completely secure. Find out the rates as well, if there's a one time membership fee or monthly dues, a certain time commitment, and if they have any guarantees.

Once you've chosen a site, you have only to fill out their questionnaire. You will be asked questions which reveal your interests and goals, your character and lifestyle habits, your traits and spiritual beliefs, as well as the details of what you are looking for in a potential match.

After that, you will either be notified when your profile is matched with someone else's or if someone expresses interest in meeting you, depending on how the site works. Either way, you will have your pick of potential matches in just a few clicks with an online dating agency. 100% free dating site and matchmaking service for singles. Plus provides free dating forum with dating tips and advices.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette was written by Jason King and he writes "You can dress how you want, and have your hair how you want but you must have online dating etiquette the moment your fingers touch the keyboard. This is the point where the single on the other end will feel part of the reel you. This is where everything you type will be scrutinized as everything naturally is at an online dating service.

So first and foremost you have to be honest from the moment you create your profile. Any little white lies or completely made up stories will get found out eventually. At that point your creditability will go along with your current online date. Singles chat to each other in chat rooms, on message boards and give information in blogs. You don’t want to end up as one of their topics. Honesty is attractive no matter how you look at your keyboard.

When you first contact someone, say hello with an e-mail. Lots of online dating services have smiles or flirts but you can’t beat a personal message. You can mention parts of their profile that have caught your attention, and it shows them that you have actually read their profile.

Everyone is inquisitive when they start conversing with someone online but that doesn’t mean you should continually ask questions. Don’t give other singles a reason to be put off. You need to just let the questions flow with the conversation. Weave them in naturally. If they bring something up that can lead into a question then ask it. Also give some information about yourself as well then other singles will be more willing to let their guard down a bit.

Become a good listener. Most people like talking about themselves, and this can lead into you asking a few questions that they will be willing to answer. Plus this shows that you’re paying attention, and that can only be in your favor.

Never ask questions or make statements that will put your date on the defensive. Subjects like politics and religion should be left alone for quite a while. Leave these topics of conversation till you know someone very well or even wait until you have met them offline.

Leave all capital letters and abbreviated sentences out of the conversation. When you use capitals it’s a form of shouting online, and abbreviated sentences become hard to decipher and annoying. You will probably get a way with the odd smiley so they know when you’re joking but don’t over do it. Remember this is someone you are trying to impress, and maybe one day have a lasting relationship with. Presentation is everything especially when attracting a partner.

Do not come across as eager or desperate. Never push someone into doing anything they don’t want to do. You have to respect anyone’s wishes on the speed in which they want to get to know you. If you find you’re in need of changing the way anyone thinks or acts it’s probably not going to work anyway.

For more advice on online dating, and online dating services visit -

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