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Advice For Attracting Men Online

Advice For Attracting Men Online was written by by Jason King and he writes "These online dating tips for women will help you get that single man's attention, and keep it. There's a lot of competition that you will be compared to so you'll need to stand out from the crowd.

Men are easily attracted to someone just by looking at them. That is why it is important you have a good photo on your profile. This is the first thing any man will notice. If you don't catch their attention with your photo the rest of your profile is wasted. Just by uploading a clear recent photo from the shoulders up or the waist up you will have a better chance of getting your profile looked at. And your photo will stand out better than over half of the other single women's photos. You'll see lots of poor quality photos taken from too far away. These single women are trying to sell themselves with these photos, and they look like they have made no effort what so ever. So if you make the effort your photo will stand out, and get the click. By all means put other photos in your profile as well but have them as extra ones and not the main one..

The next thing the single men will notice is your username. You will need to create one that stands out. It can be based on a hobby of yours so it says something about you, and doesn't look like everyone else's. Don't use a name where you have to put a number on the end because a thousand other women are using the same name. Your name will show up in chat rooms as well, so choose one that stands out, and you will be remembered.

Fill your profile in with as much detail as possible. You don't have to write an essay for every question, but don't leave questions unanswered. Be 100% honest as well, you don't want to get caught out later because you lied in your profile. This could end any chances you had with the single you was just starting to get on with. Honesty is attractive so use it to your advantage.

With more women getting e-mailed than men you will be answering a lot of them. The ones you do answer you don't want to start writing novels back to the men. This will probably turn them off. Small attractive sentences that are sometimes a bit flirty will grab his attention. Try to reply to as many e-mails as possible. Some online dating services show what percentage of e-mails you have answered so if it's low you may put off Mr. Right from contacting you. Try not reply though to men that just send you smiles or flirts. This usually means they're on a free trial and want to get a free ride with your contact. Plus you'll probably be the twentieth one they have sent out that day.

If you follow all the online dating tips for women above you will get contacted more often than the average single woman.

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