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Top 10 Flirting Lines to Avoid

Top 10 Flirting Lines to Avoid was written by Claire Brentand she writes "The Internet is a world of language that requires some very serious communication skills in order to express yourself. It is, therefore, important that when you communicate with your online crush, you’re very careful to make sure that each of your communications is positive and deliberate. When it comes to dating online, it is very easy to date many people over a short amount of time. Dating, after all, involves getting to know a variety of people and then choosing one person to focus your attention on.

Because you need to be appreciative of language when you begin a relationship online, it is important that you understand the effects of your language. There are, in fact, a variety of things that should be avoided when you begin a relationship with someone online. Here is a short list of the Top 10 flirting lines that you should avoid when meeting someone online:

10. “I’m looking to get married pretty soon. Are you available?”

This line comes across as slightly desperate. Dating means that you try several people before choosing just one. Therefore, don’t rush things; date awhile..

9. “Do you have any STDs?”

While it’s important to learn about your partner’s sexual health, when you are barely even a couple, it is considered rude and presumptuous to ask about sexually transmitted diseases.

8. “Mothers really love me.”

While a line like that, it’s not surprising that you’re single. Be slow to show off the full breadth of your ego and make sure that the relationship is grounded in friendship before you talk about meeting the parents.

7. “Are you hot?”

While asking about a person’s physical looks (or temperature) may appear to be important, if you are going to build a lasting, sustainable relationship, it’s far better to start with questions about your mate’s personality and emotions.

6. “What’s Your Income?”

Yes, finances are important to many relationships, In fact, most relationships break up because of finances. However, if ou are going to have a solid relationship, it would be preferable to base it in things other than money.

5. “What Kind of Card Do You Drive?”

Just as income is important, so are reliable cars. However, it is vital that you start your relationship with questions that are most positive and down to earth than the car they drive…unless, of course, you meet in an automotive chat room.

4. “What do you look like?”

It is important to eventually find out about the appearance of your online crush. However, try to start simpler. Ask, instead, about matters of the heart. If things work out, then work your way towards asking learning more about physical appearance.

3. “Do you want to meet tonight?”

Even if you have a fabulous conversation with your online crush, it’s a bad idea to ask somewhat out of the blue for a meeting. Instead, work your way up to a meeting to ensure that you create a solid base.

2. “I hope you do drugs.”

It’s a wise idea to avoid meeting people online that do drugs. Not only will it be difficult to trust them, but when a major pick-up line involves narcotics, the relationship is likely not one that is built to last.

1. “Are you easy.”

Discontinue communication immediately if your online crush asks you if you are easy…unless of course you are looking for a one-night stand or purely physical relationship.

Online dating is an entirely new world that brings with it new risks and new opportunities. It’s important for you to learn the ropes of online dating in order to play the game strategically. Often, learning the ropes means that you will have to go through some bad online relationships in order to find some good people to date.

Take the journey and, by all means, enjoy the ride … especially when those cheesy pick-up lines are used.

Claire Brent is the author of the free 7 days mini course "Online Dating Mastery". Discover the essential steps of a highly succesful online dating experience by signing up free at http://onlinedating.ezguide2.com/newsletter.html

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