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Tips For Speed Dating

Tips For Speed Dating was written by Francis Lua and writes " Speed dating was introduced in the 1990s. He originally invented speed dating as a way for young Jewish singles to meet other singles. Since the advent of it has become increasingly popular throughout the United States as well as many other countries and in many major cities there are nightclubs hosting speed dating nights.

The basic format of is to invite an equal number of men and women to a location and set up a system where each man has 5-10 minutes to speak to each woman. Generally the women will be seated at a table for two and the men are given one table to start at and have a predetermined amount of time to get to know the woman at this table and determine whether or not they are compatible. After the time limit the woman stay where they are seated and the men move to the next table. This process continues until each of the couples has had their date..

At the conclusion of each date, you check off whether or not you are interested in meeting with this person further and at the conclusion of the night, if your date was also interested in meeting you the event organizers provide you with the contact information for your matches. Speed dating can be a lot of fun but it does move quickly and its best to go into your first speed dating experience prepared. Since speed dating allows you a very limited amount of time to get to know each date making a good first impression are critical. Looks may not be everything but when you are being judged on such a short amount of time looking your best wont hurt. Take care in your appearance on the night of the speed dating event and be sure to smile. A sloppy appearance may result in your date mentally rejecting you before the date even starts and not putting much effort into their answers to your questions or to trying to get to know you.

A polished appearance on the night of your speed dates will ensure that you make an excellent first impression and ensure that your dates are eager to get to know you better. Going into a speed dating situation prepared is also very important. Again your time is limited so now is not the time to engage in a lot of mindless small talk. Take the opportunity to ask engaging, open-ended questions that will really help to determine whether or not you have met a potential match. Also, use this opportunity to ask questions that you know would be sure to eliminate a potential match. For example if you are not interested in dating a smoker, be sure to ask whether or not your date smokes. Knowing what you want to ask ahead of time will ensure that you are asking your dates relevant questions.

Punctuality is also very important to speed dating. You would never want to be late for any date because its impolite to keep your date waiting but in speed dating it could really cost you. Since it moves quickly, you may arrive late to find that your spot has been given away or that you have missed one or more of your dates. Be sure to arrive on time for your speed dates to ensure you dont miss any opportunities.

Speed dating is all about having a good time but its also about finding potential matches so while you are on your dates, answer questions honestly and be yourself. The more honest you are during the dates the more likely you are to find a well suited match. Giving answers just because you think they are what your date wants to hear could result in the matches you find not really being your type. While they might be fun to date for awhile they probably wont be a good long term match for you. Once you have made a few potential matches, do not wait too long after your speed dates to contact those matches. Both you and your dates may have made several matches that night and it may be difficult to remember much detail about each date. The sooner you contact them the more likely it is that both of you will remember the details of your date.

Exercising caution is another important tip for speed dating. While your contact information is only given out if both you and your date indicate that you are a match, first impressions can sometimes be wrong so be careful with those you choose to make contact with after the speed date. Try setting up future dates in well populated, public places so that you will not be exposing yourself to unnecessary danger. Speed dating is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet potential matches. It can be a very fun experience and following the tips provided above will help to allow you to have a good time, meet a wonderful partner and remain safe.

About the Author
Francis Lua Find out more information at at my website which is at http://www.datingservicesuper.com

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