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Hot Women And Eye Contact

For a while now I've been wondering why some women always make eye contact and hold it longer than others, and in most cases, the women who fail to maintain eye contact are the best looking. Each woman is unique, so their reasons for not maintaining eye contact could be any of a variety of things. However, after a lot of thought and research I've found out why these "dimes" or perfect 10's tend to make eye contact much less than other women. Read on and be enlightened.

Like I said before... they do this for a variety of reasons, but a few shine through the rest. The majority of these babes will fail to maintain eye contact because: they are insecure, they are stuck up, or they lack social interaction. Let go into these three in detail...

You may be thinking to yourself "How the hell could a woman that looks that good be insecure?", and it's quite simple. You would be surprised how many really hot women are insecure, and they are because of the same reason you would think that they would not be... they know that they look good. This puts a great deal of pressure on them, and very small flaws in their appearance that would barely bother an average person (pimples, bad hair days, broken nails, etc.) make them feel like it's the end of the world. This type of mentality constantly attacks their self confidence, which in turn makes them afraid to maintain eye contact in order to not draw any attention to these "flaws".

Now lets high-tail it over to the complete opposite of the drawing board and take a look at the infamous ice queens. These women who are "stuck up" are that way for the same reason that the others are insecure... they know that they look good. The reason why they tend to go to one extreme or the other... remains a mystery. I'm not exactly sure why some turn out to be stuck up while other do not... let's just blame that on genetics :) However, I do know that these snobby women stay that way because of their daily dose of confidence "boosters", which come in the form of men staring at them or compliments that they receive on their looks. The good news is that these women almost always drop the "ice queen" act if you get up the balls to approach them, as they will be very surprised that you did so, and that brings us to our last category of women because ALL of these women fit that bill also...

Almost all of these "stuck up" women lack social interaction, because they scare off most of the men who would approach them if they didn't think that they would be rejected. I'm not talking about social interaction in general, like simply talking to people, I'm saying that they are rarely "hit on" in the PROPER manner. 99% of the time that these women are hit on is by the only type of men that have the balls to do so, which are known as the "male pigs". These men will hang out the window of their car and shout something like "Woooohoooo, shake that ass baby!" or "Damn, your fine!". I don't fully understand why they do this... maybe they think that they are being cool? That's another unsolved mystery, let's just blame that on genetics also :) These women only get hit on in a manner such as that, which makes them believe that *almost* all men are like that, and the truth is... they are right. That is the same reason why us players are some of the only guys who have the ability to date women like these, and on that note I would like to thank all of the "male pigs" out there for making my job so much easier :)

When you approach these women using the proper methods described on my web site, they will be very happy that you did so because this rarely happens to them, and once you learn to play your cards right you will be able to pick them up with ease. I'm not saying that you will be able to pick up every hot woman that you approach, there are still some that think that they are too good for anyone who isn't a model with over 10 million in the bank... those women can have fun trying to find a man like that, I wish them good luck in their search. Just remember that things only happen when you make them happen, so suck it up and initiate the conversation, or it'll never take place. Take my advice and soon you'll be picking up and dropping more dimes than the sprint lady!

This article was written by the founder of Becomeaplayer.com known only as The Player. For more articles and free tips on picking up women check out the web site.

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