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First Date Tips for Women who Use Online Dating Services

First Date Tips for Women who Use Online Dating Services was written by Tanya Wiseman and she writes "What if he is not what I am looking for? What if he looks different then on the picture from online dating service? What if he is just playing games, and just trying to get it on with me? Even though, we met online through the online dating service, and had a really nice conversation via e-mail, and IM; and find that still meeting someone for the first time is nerve-racking! All these are legitimate concerns, we women have before we actually meet someone outside, offline

First, you need to psychology prepare yourself in to this first encounter with the person you’ve met online. To feel very comfortable, no matter what happens on the date you must prepare yourself. If your mental and emotional state is prepare this will be very important, it will lead the date to success or failure. If you are positive, happy and confident, you will definitely get winning points with the guy! Also, it’s good to be friendly and funny (if you are those things!); it breaks the ice on your first meeting, and sets the mood for the rest of the evening. Try to put all your bad dates from the past online dating experience on hold, or on the top shelf somewhere; do not punish the guy for all of yours unsuccessful blind dates!.

So, when you are ready psychologically, the nest step is how you look! It is important; of course to look your best on the first date, since the first impression, is usually the last…Put on your best and sexiest attire, attractive but not too revealing; As the saying goes” leave some things to his imagination”. It’s best to put something on that makes you feel look good and sexy, like dress or nice pens with the sexy top. When applying the make up, always highlight you best features, and use the make up wisely. There are two types of make up: daily and evening. The daily one is very simple, and usually consists of some light color lipstick, sheer powder and perhaps some mascara. The evening make is more subtle and pronounced. However, some women overestimate the power of the evening, by putting way too much make up, trying to cover up some imperfections, and bring attention by using too much color. Not a good idea; you do not want to look like a clown.If you are not sure if you are using too much make up, call your female friends, and see what they think. You should put just enough to enhance your face characteristics and Features; like eyes and lips; it is always the best to go with more natural colors, like brown and beige. Of course, it all depends on your skin complexion, so make a good judgment yourself.

When you arrive on the date, please be on time. We expect the guys be punctual, so we should be doing the same. It is very impolite and rude to be late, especially because you never met this person, and you can make him feel like you do not care! It’s best to meet somewhere half way, so you both feel comfortable and fare. Choose the place wisely, meet somewhere in the bar area of the restaurant or a launch for a casual drink, so it doesn’t not feel like an obligation if you do not click with this person in real life, and you do not end up having dinner, and tortured yourself through the meal.

If the conversation sparks right away, especially considering that your guys already clicked online, and you feel mutual attraction, comfort and excitement; move your date further to a dinner. The good way to start a conversation would be a topic you left off while chatting online, and then move on to the rest of the usual first date subjects. Try to stay in present moment, do not try to escape in to your past, getting carried away in to your previous relationships. Be less judgmental, and more receptive and open. Try to listen and participate in the conversation; do not get in to lectures and philosophies…Do not try to overpower your point in the conversation, it’s not a competition.

Also, do not try to figure everything out about this person (men) all on the same night; give him also some time to open up, and take one step at the time. There will be another date. And most importantly, do not overanalyze him and his life; he did not come down from the moon, and he’s obviously had prior life before you, so do not stress yourself out
about things that happened before you met online dating service. Just go with the flow, and let things happen naturally…If there is chemistry, it will all work out, and there will be a second successful date!

If your date is paying for your drinks and for your dinner, it’s nice to thank him, and perhaps buy him a drink, as a nice gesture to show that you really appreciated his kindness! End the night with a nice hug and may be a kiss (whatever you feel like at the moment), another thank you for the evening would be appropriate!
Good luck to you,

Tanya Wiseman
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